Eric Ebron Miffed at Schedule, Lack of Respect for Steelers

No team has been as inconvenienced by opposing teams’ COVID results as the Pittsburgh Steelers have been. They’ve already had three games rescheduled because of it, losing their bye week in the process.

Now, they have to play three games in 12 days, and tight end Eric Ebron isn’t thrilled about it.

“We put all of these stipulations in place,” Ebron said on Uninterrupted’s 17 Weeks Podcast, via PFT. “Everybody signed up and said, ‘OK, this is gonna be cool.’ Nobody thought you would play three games in 12 days. Think about that. That’s us. We played [Wednesday], we play Monday [against Washington], and we play Sunday [at Buffalo]. … They’re trying to see us fail, bro. Welcome to the National Football League.”

If they are truly trying to see the Steelers fail, they are failing themselves. As we all know, the Steelers are 11-0.

The Steelers did stand a chance of remaining 10-0, though. The NFL almost had to cancel the game against the Ravens. If that had happened, everyone would have gone without their paycheck.

“I don’t care about a game check,” Ebron said. “I’m sorry, I know there are people who don’t make the amount of money I do. I know that. So what? I’m sure they don’t want to play three games in 12 days either. They’d much rather, you know, lose a game check than risk them not making a check the next year because they’re hurt.”

Ebron wasn’t finished.

“When we go to the Super Bowl, they just better give us the biggest plane, the best hotel, the top of everything,” Ebron said. “Like, whatever they did for Kansas City last year, we need to be 30 times better than that when we go to the Super Bowl because that’ll be their makeup to us.

“They gotta roll out the red carpet for our ass now. They ain’t trying to do it in the regular season. They’re gonna have to do it then, and we want it bigger and better than everybody else because they made us go through three road games in the middle of the year, and then three games in 12 days. And everybody says, ‘Oh we have the easiest schedule.’ OK, come over here and play with us then.”

Ebron sounds serious. Question is, did he just provide a little extra motivation for the Chiefs?

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side,


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  1. It is true the Steelers have gotten no respect. Sure their schedule is easier than some but throughout the Pats dynasty they consistently had ridiculously easy schedules in a terrible division. The same standard doesn’t seem to apply unless you’re the darling of the sports media.

  2. 3 games in 12 twelve days does not sound like they are taking the well being of the players into account. The NFL has to figure out a better system then No-game/Nocheck under these circumstances. Not fair to teams that follow the rules and get screwed. That being said I hope he starts playing like the TE the Steelers thought he would be or they are not going to superbowl with a depleted LB corp and an Offense that does JUST enough to win.

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