GOOSEBUMPS: Prepare For The College Football Season With ‘Enter Sandman’ At Virginia Tech

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College football starts in just over a month, and we have the perfect way for you all to get hyped up.

In 2021, fans, once again, packed stadiums across America after being restricted or downright banned in 2020 because of COVID.

“Enter Sandman” at Virginia Tech (Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images)

We fought like hell to make sure sports continued to roll on, and “Enter Sandman” when Virginia Tech opened the season against UNC was a clear signal football fans were focused on living life instead of living in fear.

Take a walk down memory lane to one of the coolest moments we’ve ever seen in college football.

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen that video, and I still get goosebumps every single time. In any regular year, “Enter Sandman” is a cool college tradition.

After fans were kept out of stadiums for an entire year, it meant a lot more in 2021 when fans flooded into the seats.

Lane Stadium was packed to the brim with rabid fans ready to get it on after a year of a diluted football experience because of COVID-19.

Despite all the fear porn people wanted to push, fans weren’t going to be stopped. There might not be anything that signals that fact better than “Enter Sandman” to open the 2021 season.

It was an epic moment, and it was a clear sign the good guys won the war to save college sports!

Written by David Hookstead

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