England Football Kneels Before The Opener At Wembley, Stadium Divided By Booing And Cheering

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During their opening Euro 2020 game against Croatia at Wembley Stadium, England’s football took a knee. According to a tweet from The Football Association, the team was preparing to protest as a gesture of unity.

When you’re greeted by a collection of boos followed by cheering, how unifying can it be? About as unifying as Colin Kaepernick is here in the States.

Poor execution

Kneeling before sporting events lands poorly because sports weren’t created for this. They keep tweeting the word “unite,” yet they’re performing gestures that draw mixed emotions in front of a large audience.

And that’s all these are: gestures.

We were told Kaepernick knelt because America was rooted in racism, remember? Now suddenly England’s football players feel like they’re dealing with those same issues? No one’s saying that everything’s perfect in the States or abroad, but maybe we should celebrate what makes our countries great? Ya know, rather than fixating on what could be better?

It’s entirely possible that these highly paid athletes could find ways to make a tangible difference rather than making statements. Sure, you get your face on the cover of SportsCenter by being divisive, but how impactful are you trying to be? It’s become clear these players aren’t learning from the failed messaging mistakes of Colin Kaepernick. It seems athletes all over the world take joy in pointing out a fire, but too few grab an extinguisher and get their hands dirty to put it out.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. I was watching that match – leave it to Ian Darke to spout the WokESPN line of their being only cheers and unity. He said that despite being able to hear booing. He and Twellmann are an embarrassment when they stray from PBP and analysis. Now they ruin two matches since they’re on different crews.

  2. None of these players ever proposes a policy change to address the problems they are complaining complain. They’re basically just saying “we hate racism but we don’t want anything done about it.” Literally the definition of virtue signalling. They can get lost.

    • Hahah so true. Every major tournament we hear how this could be the year…and then England shows up and chokes yet again. 1966 is the last time England have won a major tournament and that was questionable to say the least. Most overrated soccer nation in the world. Right up there with Spain, Portugal (until recently) and Argentina.

  3. These clowns, no matter which side of the Atlantic Ocean, will never get it. If your intent truly is to unite then you’re you’re doing a terrible job. After all this time Half or the majority of your audience has made it clear they take offense to kneeling, so I’d say you failed in your endeavor. At this point you’re just contributing to the divide, which for a majority of these millionaire victims was and is their intent.

  4. Who the hell is watching socialist soccer anyway? Besides, England is a freaking jail unless you’re a Muslim. That’s not “xenophobic”, that’s just a fact. Good thing we kicked their ass back in 1770’s and 1780’s and don’t have to pay attention to them anymore.

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