Enes Kanter Freedom Says Natasha Cloud Calling America ‘Trash’ Broke His Heart

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Enes Kanter Freedom was crushed by Natasha Cloud’s remarks slamming America as a terrible place.

The WNBA player for the Washington Mystics has drawn serious criticism after she called America “trash” and then didn’t apologize.

Not only did Cloud not apologize, but she later doubled down on her criticism, and attacked the police, religion and painted her critics as racist.

Enes Kanter Freedom offered to buy her a plane ticket out of the country to experience just how bad the world can get, and it’s clear her comments really bothered him.

Enes Kanter Freedom reacts to Natasha Cloud’s comments.

“Calling America ‘trash’ right before our Independence Day, calling America terrible right before 4th of July really broke my heart. I just can’t believe how these athletes are so uneducated about what’s going on around the rest of the world. I wish I could show them. That’s why I’m offering her or anyone, whenever their season is over, I will buy their ticket – first class, don’t worry – and I would like to take them to some of these regimes out there,” Freedom said during an interview on Fox News.

Does Cloud actually hate America or is just uneducated? The former NBA player doesn’t know, but neither is acceptable.

“I feel like she’s just not educated enough. She just doesn’t know any better, or worse, she’s just hating on this beautiful country,” the former Boston Celtics center further added.

Natasha Cloud should be thankful to be an American.

The wildest part about Natasha Cloud’s rhetoric is the WNBA is no stranger to just how bad things can get overseas.

Brittney Griner, who Enes Kanter Freedom wants Cloud to speak with, was held for nearly a year in Russian custody on a drug charge.

She received her freedom when President Joe Biden traded arms deal Viktor Bout back to Russia. Griner’s experience should make Natasha Cloud incredibly grateful to live in America just like the rest of us.

Instead, Cloud has chosen to attack America and tar those who disagree with her as bigots. It’s unacceptable and can’t be tolerated.

Will Natasha Cloud take Enes Kanter Freedom up on his offer? Almost certainly not. Much easier to trash the USA from a computer and live in ignorance than actually visit countries to realize how good you have in the USA.

Written by David Hookstead

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