Employees At A Pizza Place Throw Hands With A Customer Who Thought It Was A Good Idea To Go Behind The Counter

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It’s never a good idea to go behind the counter at a restaurant. There are many reasons for this, but the biggest two reasons are that you’re almost always outnumbered by the employees and you’re stepping onto their home turf.

The employees know the layout behind the counter and start off with the upper hand. A customer at a Toppers Pizza found this out the hard way. He thought it was a good idea to go behind the counter to file his complaint and was quickly doing battle with the entire shift.

Toppers Pizza Fight
Customer fights with employees at Toppers Pizza (Image Credit: JustVideos/YouTube)

It’s unclear what led to the altercation with the pizza restaurant employees, he could have very well had a legitimate complaint. For example they could have forgotten to add the extra cheese he ordered.

While upsetting, this is no reason to make your way behind the counter. As we’ve seen before, when a customer ends up back there employees can and will defend their turf.

Whatever led up to the moment he was exchanging punches with employees, it sounds like he was in the wrong. Fellow customers supported the actions of the employees.

Toppers Pizza’s Response To The Fight Isn’t Exactly Supportive Of Their Employees

Unfortunately for the employees, it doesn’t sound like the corporate folks at Toppers felt the same way. They cowardly issued a statement on X in response to the video.

Instead of saying something along the lines of F around and find out in regards to expressing your grievances with employees behind the counter. Their statement read, “We [do] not condone any sort of violence.”

“Please reach out to us at https://toppers.com/contact-us/ with additional details & your contact info so we can address this right away. Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for this happening.”

They issued an apology for their employees defending themselves and their restaurant. Just the latest sign that we live in an absolutely nutty time.

So the customer hops the counter, leaves with a torn up triple XL T-shirt, and the higher ups issue an apology in response. So what exactly were the employees supposed to do?

They have a customer who is refusing to leave from behind the counter. Are they expected to wait for something to happen or take action to remove the guy?

I would expect that they would take action to physically get him to leave. Judging by the response, they’re supposed to hand the store over to the customer.

He’ll probably receive a lifetime supply of extra large pizza with all of the toppings he can handle. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if an employee or two lost their job too.

Written by Sean Joseph

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