Emmanuel Acho Turns A Chiefs Tyrann Mathieu ‘Landlord’ Tweet Into One Of 2020’s Biggest Reaches

Fair warning, please take a seat to before we dive into a tweet sent out by Fox Sports’ Emmanuel Acho. Acho is not happy with the Kansas City Chiefs over a tweet from the Chiefs’ social media team calling Tyrann Mathieu “The Landlord.” Acho, who has a master’s degree in psychology (and has “studied bias and implicit bias”), tweeted that he believes the use of “The Landlord” is “utterly negative” and that the use of the nickname “perpetuates stereotypes.”

You were warned to sit down because your head would be spinning.

Now, I don’t have a master’s degree in anything other than being a dumb white guy in Ohio who enjoys strolls through Costco. Here I am, along with many others, trying to figure out why it’s “utterly negative” to say a black guy, “The Landlord,” is pulling up to collect rent with two teammates.

Thankfully, Acho expanded on his original tweet, and a pounding headache developed behind my right eye.

“The implication is that you should be scared of the men (pictured are 3 black men). 2020 has (shown) us what irrational fears of black men can lead to… so to me it perpetuates the stereotype. That’s where I’m at,” Acho tweeted.


And there it is, one of the biggest reaches you’re going to see in 2020, just as we prepare to take our 2020 calendars and throw them into the fireplace where they belong. Emmanuel took a single tweet and turned it into some sort of Ivy League think piece that impresses deep thinking nerds, not sports fans who just got home after 10 hours of work.

Are people afraid of three big white guys showing up to collect rent? Are people afraid of three black guys showing up to collect rent? Are people afraid of weirdo eggshell white Karens (I’ve had two Karen landlords in my rent career who terrified me, including one who came into my apartment and started throwing my belongings in the trash, even though my rent was paid up) who showed up to collect rent? What about three Italians wearing tracksuits & getting out of a Cadillac Eldorado?

Acho has had a huge breakout year in 2020 that has seen him ascend into the role of being the new big thinker in the sports media world. This feels like one of those times where he feels it’s his duty to have a big brain moment to maintain his standing when the sports world is just trying to crush beers, wings, maybe a vodka/Red Bull and enjoy the end of the NFL regular season.

When challenged by former NFL vet Charles James, Acho acknowledged big thinking is now his business. “You looking too deep into it Acho it ain’t that deep bro,” James tweeted.

“That’s fair, you know I’m entrenched in it now- so your boys hypersensitive to all things that could be detrimental,” Acho responded.

As for the original “Landlord” tweet, the Chiefs have deleted it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. Lol…I’d love to hear his reasoning as to why fears of black men perpetuates a stereotype.

    Granted I don’t have a Master’s in Freudism but I’d wonder if it has something to do with ‘despite bring 13% of the population’….or the fact another group actively promotes that stereotype as black masculinity in music videos and movies.

  2. Acho is moron. This is the same guy who created the over the top “Conversations with a Black Man”. Meanwhile, he is a 1st generation nigerian who’s doctor parents moved to America for a better life. No one is his family was enslaved or went through Jim Crow but this sheister is the first in line to capitalize on race hustling. What a charlatan.

  3. The frustrating part is that it still worked. This was obviously a dumb tweet by Acho. Normal people can make fun of the tweet Acho sent all we want, but the Chiefs still deleted the tweet. I bet dollars to donuts that they never mention anything like that again. They’ll probably never call Mathieu “The Landlord” again. This is how speech continues to get curtailed, one little incident at a time. Not only that, but every other team took notice as well, and the circle of what someone can say continues to shrink. The only way to stop this is for someone at some point to tell the person tweeting something inane like this to call it for what it is, and keep the tweet up.

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