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Twitter is at it again

Here we go again with yet another battle with the Twitter help desk. Some of you who’ve been around over the last year might remember when a hacker gained control of my account in 2020 only to tweet a bunch of NSFW rap lyrics that definitely had followers confused. So I set up the two-factor authentication like Twitter suggested, and I figured that would be the last problem I’d have with that social media network.

Nope. Wednesday, I got a “You’ve been locked out of your account due to suspicious activity. You’ll need to log back in” message. So I went through the steps, not a concern in the world, and then I get to the step where Twitter’s supposed to send a code to my phone. Nope, it never comes. No code. No push notification via SMS. Yes, I have push notifications allowed on my phone. Yes, the push notification code thing has been a problem for many others who’ve been down this road with Twitter.

I know what you’re thinking: This social media stuff SUCKS and you should delete it. I would if it wasn’t a way to communicate with readers. That said, I’m hearing from more and more of you on a daily basis who have deleted all social media. That’s why I opened up my personal email. We need that line of communication, and going forward, I’m headed more in that direction.

I believe it was OutKick VIP Pam who suggested creating an email list for my fans. She’s right. Let me build a strategy and I’ll get that fired up. You can always reach me at joekinsey@gmail.com — Go ahead and put that into your phone.

Meanwhile, if you have something I need to see, tag the TNML account.

• Joe E. writes:

Norm McDonald was one of my favorites. Everytime I need a laugh I play his opening monolog at the ESPY’s. No way this would ever happen today. RiP Norm.

• Joe’s right. Take eight minutes and watch that video. Think about how similar jokes would play in 2021. How is the world of standup these days? I haven’t been to a show in a decade, but one show stands out in my head from when I was attending somewhere around 20 shows per year. Ralphie May came to town about 10-12 years ago, and I clear as day remember the crowd moaning over uncomfortable jokes. And I remember Ralphie May going off on the crowd for being huge pussies who couldn’t take jokes.

And here we are in 2021 with things even worse than they were in 2010. It’s hard to believe people have become so damn miserable and unable to laugh a little bit.

• That said, there’s big news in the world of comedy here in Ohio. Wednesday, Dave Chappelle was formally approved for the comedy club he’s opening in the tiny hippie town of Yellow Springs outside Dayton where he lives on a farm, and did those secret standup shows during 2020’s COVID hysteria.

No pressure, Dave, but it’s up to you, Rogan, and a few others to lead people out of this funk.

•  Beau in Toledo thinks you guys need to see this from a small diner here in NW Ohio.

Had A New Customer today I've never seen before And he had wrote this note for us when he left❤… he also left $120.00…

Posted by Green Lantern Lunch on Saturday, September 11, 2021

• On the topic of buying furniture in 2021, I heard from Chris almost immediately after Wednesday’s Screencaps went live. Chris writes:

I deliver furniture for a living and we are just now getting in the furniture people ordered in January

• I was happy to see an email from Bob R. in Tennessee on Wednesday. He’d been dealing with the ‘VID and I hadn’t heard from him, so it was nice to see him send along a Babylon Bee headline:

TNML Babylon Bee

• In other Wednesday Screencaps news, Chris B. in Texas wanted to know why I don’t fill up the portable basketball hoop with sand. I’ve read that it’s much easier to move the portable hoops with water vs. sand. I have the hoop right in front of a tree that’s going to need some trimming which means I’ll most likely be moving that hoop around a bit. I can always drain it and use sand, but from what I understand with the mobile hoop industry, going from sand back to water won’t be very easy.

• And with that, I think we’ll cut this off and get the day rolling around here. Don’t be shy to hit up the email hotline.


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