Emma Stone May Follow ScarJo’s Lead And Sue Disney Over ‘Cruella’

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Disney’s experimental approach to releasing their latest feature films on streaming service Disney+, in an effort to boost subscriptions, may not see a fairy tale ending.

Largely backing her new film, Cruella, as lead and executive producer, actress Emma Stone may be pursuing a legal option, similar to Scarlett Johansson, in order to recover the money she missed out on from Disney’s failed distribution plans and marketing with their new streaming strategy — according to a report from ScreenRant.

Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Walt Disney Studios, regarding a reported $50 million lost in wages from Black Widow‘s release, has been cited as a legitimate claim that could pay out for ScarJo — which likely inspired Stone to also stir rumors over potential legal action.


Stone’s film, an origin story centered around the 101 Dalmatians antagonist — released in May as theaters nationwide were fully reopened. The film had a same-day release at home, debuting on Disney+ for the price of $29.99, which kept some audiences away from the theater. The movie wickedly underperformed at the worldwide box office with a $204 million gross, $76.5 million domestic total, that will cost the studio over $150 million in losses.

The rumor comes with a confirmed sequel, Cruella 2, still in the plans for Walt Disney Studios — meaning a turbulent production timeline may affect the project ahead, or force them to cancel, should Stone remain unsatisfied with the first film’s resolve on the backend.

With prominent movie studios making the switch to the new release format, the box office totals associated with these releases have disappointed most parties across Hollywood — both in returns and leftover problem solving that only caters to the COVID-19 restrictions of 2020.

While Disney denied the allegations made by Scarlett Johansson, a well-known Disney-Marvel Comics employee dating back to her first appearance in Iron Man 2, the studio may have its back against the wall after receiving complaints of “gendered character attack” based on their rigid response to Natasha Romanoff.


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