Emma Jones, The Paige Spiranac Of British Broadcasting, Fires Back At ‘Virgin’ Troll Over Vile Comment

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How dare you ask such a disgusting question, you pig.

BBC Sport presenter Emma Jones, who is pretty much the Paige Spiranac of British Sports, is creating headlines over her treatment of a scumbag troll who had the audacity to ask an incredibly vile question to the sports broadcaster who is frequently the target of sexual comments.

This time, Emma Louise Jones was ready with the perfect comeback for “OJ’s Glove.”

“You you ever been nu–ed on?” the troll asked.

Jones wasted little time eviscerating the Glove.

“Alexa, what does a virgin look like?” Jones fired back.

And just like that, Emma Jones should officially be on your radar in the United States. The presenter, or host as we call them here in the U.S., started her broadcasting career in 2017 and rose to fame during the 2018 World Cup. Since then, she took her talents to BBC Sport’s “Match of the DayX” show where she’s built a solid 386k Instagram follower count (yes, she’s also a star on the Chinese spy social media site TikTok).

But that attention has led to things like finding her face on an X-rated dating site and wave after wave of trolls who fill up her inbox with vile comments that she then shares on her social media channels.

In October, a fan told Jones she “can throw me around the bedroom if you like.”

“No, Joshua,” she responded.

Like the attention on every move Spiranac, the World’s No. 1 Golf Influencer as named by the OutKick Culture Department, Jones finds herself in a constant battle with the virgins who do things like use her photos for Tinder profiles to catfish unsuspecting men.

“If you’re going to fake a Tinder profile, please don’t make me older,” the 32-year-old quick-witted broadcaster announced in November.

There you have it, just another day in the life of a British broadcasting icon who must navigate DMs that would break a normal broadcaster. Emma Jones has come too far over the last six years to let these trolls win.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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