AP Writer Fired Over Social Media Posts Releases Statement Blaming Conservatives

Emily Wilder, former Associated Press writer, took to Twitter Saturday morning to release a statement regarding her dismissal from the AP:  

The dismissal is seen as a result of Wilder’s history with negative remarks aimed at both Israel and Republicans, which prompted the Associated Press to fire the news associate almost three weeks on the job. 

One of the incidents involved a Facebook post that targeted late Republican Party donor Sheldon Adelson, calling him a “naked mole rat-looking billionaire.”

The writer has also been deemed an “anti-Israel agitator” by the Stanford College Republicans organization after discovering some of her online postings. 

Wilder responded to the Republican group at her alma mater by calling them “nothing more than ethnic nationalist propaganda.” She was also a member of Standford’s Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice organization, a largely pro-Palestine group. 

The writer claimed in the Twitter press release to be a victim of a cancel culture spawned by Republicans’ efforts.

If her assessments are correct — which she fully believes they are — Wilder would be joining the wave of cancel culture victims that have been a direct result of the Left’s willingness to attribute cruel labels to everyday Americans’ opinions on race, politics, etc., should they fall short of political radicalism.  

Racist, Bigot, Xenophobe, all part of the Left’s lexicon. 

No reasonable business owner or manager would want to staff a person with links to Anti-Semitism, but in the case of this writer, it may warrant an extension of grace as a result of the gray area that is a pillar of free speech: the “yeah, someone should definitely not say that … but it’s their freedom” part. 

Regardless, the right decision appears to have been made, the only outstanding plot point without resolve being the misguided perspective behind WHY Wilder believes she was fired.  

What she considers a firing created by the puppeteering of influence on behalf of “powerful conservatives” like Tom Cotton or Ben Shapiro is far from a reasonable assessment. Anyone who thinks conservatives have that kind of hold over the media are still looking for Putin’s fingerprints in the Oval Office.

Wilder’s disregard for the lack of humanity found in a statement like “naked mole rat-looking” is still at the nucleus of this “cancellation.”  

The fault is not entirely on Brown, whose social media postings should not have been a surprise for AP’s HR department, having been posted well in advance before her onboarding. 

“They told me that I violated their social media policy and would be terminated immediately, but they never said which tweet or post violated the policy.”  

Welcome to the online hegemony, Emily.  

Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Putin’s fingerprints ARE all over the Oval Office – it’s just that none of them is older than 4 months. Look at the approval of the Russian gas line after canceling the American gas line. Or the order to the U.S. Navy to stand down in the Black Sea. Putin finally has his puppet in office – it’s just that it was never Trump.

  2. Don’t hire activists if you’re pretending to want journalists.
    Don’t be an activist if you think that means journalist.
    Pretty simple stuff, violated for decades by news organizations and their eager little practitioners.
    Yet they cry about declining respect, circulation and ratings, and on rare occasion when that bald-faced activism bites one of them in the ass.
    When this happens, I immediately think of all the hack activists who are allowed to keep their jobs in spite of their biased, partisan bullshit.

  3. Good.

    As long as the left can get away largely unscathed by cancel culture it will continue.

    When leftist start getting canceled.
    The New York Times, Washington Post & CNN will start calling cancel culture, “racist, sexist & homophobic”.

    That Repubs in Congress still whine like little girls about it is another example of how useless they are.

    Embrace cancel culture.

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