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We have a Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals

The Boston Celtics are headed home for Game 7 on Monday after winning three straight. They’re on the verge of becoming the first NBA team to overcome a 3-0 deficit.

Although, they really wanted to lose Game 6, subconsciously of course. Let’s break it down before we get to the clutch put-back from Derrick White.

The Celtics are up by two with less than 20 seconds on the clock and the Heat have the ball. Boston needs to play tight defense and not allow any clean looks from three. Tight defense to the point of creating a difficult shot, you don’t want to put a guy on the line for three free throws.

What do the Celtics do? Well, Al Horford plays tight defense on Jimmy Butler and forces what will be a prayer at best. He then fouls Butler as he’s throwing up his prayer putting Butler on the line for what ended up being three free throws.

The Celtics try to challenge the call. The foul on Horford stood but there were some things that changed after the referees took a look at the monitor. They noticed that Butler was attempting a three at the time he was fouled and awarded him an extra free throw.

The referees also, NBA rigged, reset the game clock to 3.0 from 2.1. Now the game clock should have been reset, but to maybe 2.8 seconds. Horford hadn’t fouled Butler until then at the earliest.

Who doesn’t love an NBA rigged conspiracy?

Props to Butler, he had to make all three to put the Heat up and he did. But it wasn’t enough.

The gift from the NBA and the officials in the form of added time proved to be the difference in the game. A gift the Celtics almost gave away by having Marcus Smart shoot a three down by one point.

This isn’t the first time and judging by the fact that the ball keeps ending up in Smart’s hands with the game on the line we’re going to see another prayer from beyond the arch when two points will do.

That’s just an old man talking common sense right there. Smart heaving up a three down by one is a good shot according to NBA Twitter. Math apparently isn’t their thing.

Who cares about all of that right? We have a dramatic Derrick White tip in for the win in Game 6 and a Game 7 to breathe some life back into these playoffs.

If Heat fans weren’t nervous when the Celtics forced a Game 6 they have to be nervous now. Boston is headed home with all of the momentum for a Game 7. And Erik Spoelstra is nervously saying things like this.

Friendly reminder It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is just days away

John H. writes:

Friendly reminder It’s Always Sunny is almost back. They just dropped a season 16 teaser that I thought you’d enjoy. The gang is picking up right where they left off.

Thanks for the reminder John and thanks for keeping it short and sweet. I saw this email in the inbox yesterday afternoon and fired up Hulu to get in some It’s Always Sunny before Season 16 gets here. What a great show.

This marks a first for Sunday Screencaps. I’ll get the occasional DM with a meme or a video, but the inbox has remained a ghost town since I opened it up to the readers.

Inbox is open fire away

Well a ghost town to the Screencaps gang anyway. I get emails like this one from the fart jar girl’s PR team. Here’s how the email starts.

From: Stephanie Matto

Hello and thank you! I’ve had a lot going on. This last week Unfiltrd sponsored Xbiz Miami, our first big event, and on Saturday Unfiltrd did the first ever partnered event with Deja Vu – Michigan’s Prettiest Butthole Contest. It was a huge deal because as you know, Deja Vu invested in my company a very great deal of capital because together we had a vision.

This is really just the beginning of the email. She goes on to say that she’s sadly put her fart jar days behind her. She obviously has contests to host or judge.

It’s these kinds of emails that make me thankful that I opened the inbox up to the public. I’d like to think that Stephanie is fan.

Anyway, if you come across a teaser or are hosting a butthole contest feel free to DM me on Twitter @sjoseph_sports. Or reach out on email sean.joseph@outkick.com.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend and do some scrolling before you fire up the grill.

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