Emily Elizabeth Spring Break — Round 3, Northwestern DL Adetomiwa Adebawore Can Fly & Is Bartolo Colon Coming Back?

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Screencaps on Spring Break in Savannah for a Bananas game

Guys, it’s happening. I’m booked for Savannah, GA next week for a bucket-list weekend that will include a visit to the Holy Grail of Baseball Fun when I step foot inside historic Grayson Stadium to see a Savannah Bananas game.

No, this trip isn’t #sponsored by the Bananas or some brand that I would have to pimp in my coverage. It turns out my neighborhood buddy Collin Ballester had a cup of coffee as a Major League Baseball pitcher (8-17 in 88 games, 5.47 ERA) and that means he is offered opportunities through the MLB Alumni Association to play against the Bananas.

Because he’s crushed so many of my garage beers over the years, he said to fly down for one of the great spectacles in sports — the Bananas against some MLB greats.


Spring break in Savannah and I get to rub elbows with the likes of Dave Stewart (he’s serving as the manager) and suck down beers with the boys? Tickets to the game? Friends and family hot dog bar? Post-game team beers in downtown Savannah?


Early questions I asked Ballester:

• Were you told to lose like the Washington Generals? He claims no, the alumni haven’t been told to throw the game.

• Who’s playing for the MLB Alumni team? This guy is completely in the dark. All he knows for sure is that Stewart is the manager. Now, keep in mind Johnny Damon made his Bananas debut last week, so who knows where this is going. See below: Bartolo Colon has been working out pretty hard. He could show up for all I know.

• Are you supposed to take part in skits? Now here’s something Ballester’s hoping happens. This guy wants to be on speed dial for the Bananas. He needs a bit. Flaming fastballs are already taken.

It appears the future is here

I’m excited for the content that’s sure to come from such technology. Imagine when the hackers get their hands on these self-driving cars and all of a sudden a payment glitch turns into thousands of self-driving Fords headed for the repo lot.

I had a 2023 Subaru Outback loaner two weeks ago while my new car was being tweaked a little bit and that was my first time experiencing eye-recognition software in a car. The damn thing was beeping at me every 30 seconds. I’ll say this, it was nice to go back to a car that wasn’t watching my eyes.

The future is going to be wild. Bring on the self-flying personal helicopters.

The Ts in Parma, Italy

Thursday, I was trading emails with Mike T. and he mentioned how Cindy T. has him on a 20k-step regimen. Those of you worried about Mike T. enjoying the finer things in life like a beer and pizza can remain calm. Mike’s busting his ass.

• Mike T. writes:

Cathedral of Parma
Parma hams and smoked cheese Lambrusco wine
Meat store Parma!

School drop-off line observations

• Clint J. sent this to the Twitter DMs:

Some morning observations. As my kids get lazier or it’s me not sure, we need to get driven to school. The middle school drop goes pretty smoothly. Everyone follows the line, takes turns getting to the curb, mostly goes off without many problems.

Now on to the Elementary school, the one where we are hoping the teachers open the doors at the right time. Next, we have the self-righteous grand parents or mothers who can’t read the big ass sign that says “pull-up here for drop off.” They feel special and need to be in front of the door for their kid to get out.

When if you pull up to the sign or follow the random teacher who is swinging her arm in a circle like they are getting ready for a 100M backstroke at the Olympics. We could fit 3 or 4 more cars on the curb so more small humans get dropped off. I’m probably just getting old and enjoy getting pissed off at the small things or I need to get home sooner so I can read some screencaps.

Holy crap…you guys LOVE the TNML sticker

I’d taken for granted how many new readers have joined the Screencaps movement since last summer. I should’ve known the response would be overwhelming when the emails started rolling in SEVEN minutes after Thursday Screencaps was published.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in the Thursday Night Mowing League movement. There aren’t very many groups like it on the Internet where people come together to take pride in property and community.

My favorite part about seeing all these email roll in is that all parts of the country are represented. This isn’t just some suburban dad thing here in Ohio. It’s everywhere. As I’m typing this, a message pops up from William R. in Reisterstown, Maryland asking for a sticker.

Did you ever succeed in throwing that strike in duckpins?  I’m from the east coast, which used to be the mecca of duckpin bowling.  I bowled on leagues from the ages of 8 until I was around 30, so I know the struggle of throwing a perfect ball not getting that strike.  I still go bowling every once in a while.  

William, I haven’t. The last time I went duckpin bowling was back in January. My journey continues.


Everyone relax. I told my sticker hookup to get me 500 more. We have a movement on our hands and it’s time to arm the foot soldiers.

Have an incredible weekend in your neck of the woods. It’s about to unleash a 12-hour downpour in Ohio. It’s time to hunker down.

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