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79th anniversary of D-Day

In Monday’s edition of Screencaps, John L. shared the story of his father on D-Day and that moment when he jumped out of an airplane and life changed.

• Now we hear from Zach, who writes:

After John L’s story Monday, I had to write and tell you about my grandfather and an incredible organization. My grandfather fought in France during WWII with the 66th Infantry Division.  Amazingly, he is actually in France THIS week to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day thanks to an incredible organization called the Best Defense Foundation, which was founded by former NFL linebacker Donnie Edwards. 



This organization has brought 50 WWII vets to France for a week and has given them the royal treatment. Everywhere they’ve gone they’ve been appreciated and treated like the heroes that they are.  My grandfather celebrated his 20th birthday in France and now, thanks to the Best Defense Foundation, he just celebrated his 98th birthday while on this trip! 

Reading the stories of my grandfather and the other men and women on this trip is truly amazing and inspiring.  I hope some fellow readers will take a few minutes to read about this great organization and even consider supporting them in the great work that they’re doing to recognize our greatest heroes. 


As I was posting Zach’s message, NBC’s “Today Show” was doing a feature on the work being done by the Best Defense Foundation…live from Normandy.

Great job by Donnie Edwards and those who made this trip possible.

• Mike T. in Idaho has been to those beaches in Normandy. He writes:

Remains of Harbor, English version, Normandy !

Women with nose rings

• John from SD writes:

Women with tattoos have been a Screencaps topic in the past. What about women with nose rings? The least attractive thing for me! Community thoughts?


I’m out on nose rings and tats. Again, that’s just me. I get why a guy would go for the nose ring look. She’s sitting at the bar looking like a million dollars, especially after you’ve been working in a gas line trench all week sweatin’ your balls off with dudes stinking of B.O.

She’s suckin’ down a vodka cranberry. You’re suckin’ down anything but Bud Light.

Her smile is contagious. She might have a tat visible that says she might be a little dangerous, but you’ve been working around gas all week. The nose ring says she parties, but cleans up just right to take home to mom and dad.

The little stud in her nose is the least of your worries when your ex-wife already owns half of your 401k, the house, the zero-turn mower you no longer need because you live in a townhouse and she has the kids.

Studded nose ring chick is fair game.

I get it.

Major life update from our resident economist Jared P.

Jared sent a dispatch Monday afternoon on the lack of savings for half of Americans, but then at the end of the message, he strategically drops information that he’s now an Ohio Man!

Welcome to The Heart of it All, Jared!

• Jared P. writes:

It probably doesn’t take an economist to state this but the low amount of savings is problematic as economic conditions worsen because individuals and families have less of a cushion to buffer against slowing wages (or wages not rising as fast as inflation) and loss of employment. Policymakers will likely resort to larger stimulus measures in the next economic downturn than they would if the savings situation was better because there will be an outcry about how people are living paycheck to paycheck or are unable to cover expenses because of depleted savings.

This will exacerbate two problems. First, greater government spending will enlarge the growing government deficit/debt problems. Second, larger stimulus payments will discourage personal savings habits as people will rely on those payments rather than prudent personal financial behavior, creating a reinforcing negative cycle. 

Continued low savings will also threaten future long-run economic growth because it will starve capital markets of needed resources. Savings are a much-needed component for capital formation, which increases productivity and production through time. It is problematic that the savings rate is as low as it is (the last time it was consistently this low was the early to mid 2000’s) and governments should remove policies that discourage savings. 

PS – My family and I moved to Springfield, Ohio over Memorial Day. I believe that’s roughly in the area you were from. 


Jared added that he will be teaching at one of the fine universities in the area. “No more NYC for my family!” Jared added.

What a transition for the Jared P. family.

Now they will be within striking distance of Dave Chappelle-ville — otherwise known as Yellow Springs, OH — and suburban Dayton or Jared P. can head over to Columbus for all sorts of activities.

Or you can just take off along some country road and go looking at cows and corn. Sometimes those are the best days.

37% of Americans can’t scrape together $400 for an emergency expense & a 25th anniversary

• Jay J. writes:

Yes, not having at least $400 in your checking account/savings account means you’ll need to incur debt to cover anything unexpected.  But because money is that tight, they also don’t have much money to cover the monthly payments for it. It’s a sign people are very close to missing a payment they owe as well. These are the people likely to get their car re-possessed, or evicted by their landlord. These are people with very limited margins of errors over major parts of their lives. 

FWIW, I am very blessed, celebrate my 25th June 6th. 6 weeks ago a driver (their spouse works for a QSR) decided “you deserve a break today” meant slamming into my wife’s minivan, totaling it. For a driver with less than $400, they’d have to settle as quickly as possible, before they even get the check from the other company’s insurance company. Most of them will be in serious trouble. We’re blessed, we could discuss it with the insurance company, debate the amounts involved. We have savings, so we bought a ’21 Nissan Rogue to replace it. We paid cash, didn’t have to wait for insurance check. For almost half of all Americans, that crash greatly complicates their life, their finances. 

Final  thought. We test drove the Rogue at SVG Motors, Eaton. My wife got in, and excitedly told me “it has heated seats” “Butt warmers”? “Yes”. So I quietly told her “I thought I was your buttwarmer”. “Not when I’m driving!”. Yup 25th on the 6th. 

Ford Aurora

• Tom H. in Fort Wayne, IN writes:

Joe, here’s another one that, when I saw it, I thought of you. How in heavens name did this not get into production

‘Thank you, thank, you, thank you’

• Joe H. in suburban Columbus, OH writes:

Elizabeth Hurley AND Silvia Funes?! Back to back?! I’ll be spending my summer recuperating from the cornea transplants but it will be worth it! 

Thanks again for all you do. Enjoy your vacation. 

And with that, I’m out for the rest of the week. My OutKick Culture Department coworker SeanJo will be in charge of Screencaps the rest of the week. That’s a wild statement considering where we were at OutKick a year ago when I tried to get away for a few days. In the past, I would have to work the morning of trips.

I would build out Screencaps at like 11 or 12 the night before, get up real early, finish up Screencaps, throw things in a bag and hit the road. This year, when my day ends later this afternoon, I’m done for the week. You have no idea how nice that’s going to be.

That’s how I gauge the evolution of OutKick. There are actually layers of employees to step into roles to cover vacations. It’s a huge relief.

Take care. Enjoy your week. Soak it up. It’s time for me to disappear.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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