Emily Elizabeth Drops Spring Break Outtakes, Clay Travis Is ‘Lit’ & Shaq Explains Why He Left Reebok For Walmart

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Did not expect to see this while compiling Screencaps this morning

Needless to say, Clay was LIT last night in Nashville. We’re going to need the details on how many drinks it took before the arms started flailing around like that and how he feels about his performance in front of that live audience.

All joking aside, good for Clay. There aren’t too many guys in their early 40s with kids getting out of the house on a Monday night to get LIT. This guy’s energy level is off the charts.

Readers are loving Mike T.’s response to questions about how he & Cindy T. afford their lifestyle of running around Europe to evade Interpol

• Brent P., a financial advisor guy, writes:

Great way to start a Monday. Today’s Screencaps was fantastic. Mike T’s response an A+

• Paul in Cincy writes:

Tell [Mike T.] I said thanks and he’s an inspiration for those of us dreaming of the glorious day of retirement.

Masters information needed

• Jacob B. from Broussard, Louisiana dropped a humblebrag Monday morning:

Headed to the holy land for the first time with some buddies that won the lottery for some Monday practice round tickets. Hoping to get some pointers from some vets down in Georgia.


I’m starting to think Jacob B. wasn’t reading the week we went over Masters insider advice. Let’s go this route: What advice do you have for someone attending Monday practice rounds?

Here are two things I see over and over from readers who’ve been for the practice rounds:

  1. Yes, take lots of photos…I think that goes without saying
  2. Take a credit card you’re willing to spend at least $1k on in the gift shop
  3. Yes, get one of everything to eat at the Masters food tents

Let’s help Jacob with some very specific information:

  1. Name the spots that are must-have photos
  2. Is there a specific spot he should stand in for an iconic Masters practice round viewing moment?
  3. Is there a collectible he should be focused on? Will he be arrested if he takes a pill bottle and fills it with Augusta National grass clippings?
  4. Should he stop by Hooters on Monday to see John Daly or is that an overrated experience?

I know many of you guys are tired of sending emails for the Masters rookies. Perhaps these very specific questions will pique your interest to hammer out yet another email.

Are street names selling points when you’re buying real estate?

I asked and Kevin in Gibsonia, PA immediately hammered out an email.

• He writes:

I live on Lager Drive and yes it was a selling point.

Baseball isn’t dying, the Big Js & suburbanites tell me

After seeing the news Monday out of Kentucky that a high school right across the Ohio River from Great American Ball Park was canceling its baseball season, I immediately dialed up my buddy Nate J., a school teacher in Louisville who has spent like 20 years coaching football in Kentucky and Ohio to see what’s up with participation.

“Overall numbers for a lot of sports are down, especially in football,” he tells me while noting that the stipend for Kentucky high school baseball coaches isn’t great which leads to “bad coaching.”

According to Nate J., Newport HS has approximately 50 boys per grade and cannot find enough bodies to field a varsity baseball team. They can’t cobble together a 12-boy roster out of 200 bodies. That’s telling.

This video definitely caught my attention

As the owner of an autograph book from the 1960s featuring autographs from approximately 25-30 Baseball Hall of Famers that I found stuffed away in a box at my great-grandmothers when I was 11 or 12, this video immediately sent off alarm bells.

Stop and think of the value of this autograph book that this guy from Goldin is flipping through like he’s looking for a phone number in a telephone book. I’m not delusional to think my autograph book featuring the greats of the 1960s can hold a candle in the wind to this 1930s book. But, I still want to see what kind of value collectors put on autograph books in 2023.

And is there more value if a card company cuts out the autographs to use in exclusive cards? I’m completely intrigued here. Is it possible for me to come out with my very own exclusive cards made from my grandmother’s autograph book?

Are we heading towards the federal government bailing out car buyers?


I swear, if I hear one thing during the 2024 election cycle about bailing out car buyers who were pumping out kids when they knew they couldn’t afford to buy a $50,000 For Explorer to drive around the kids, I’m going to lose it.

Tybee Island is a ‘low-end Jersey Shore’

• John L. is back with more advice for my upcoming Screencaps Spring Break in Savannah trip and he writes:

Having just been there, the historic downtown area–composed of 22 squares–is certainly unique.  If you have the time, take a 60 to 90-minute walking tour to learn all the history.  (Don’t be a douche on one of those trolley buses!)

Forsyth Park is their central park.  It has a beautiful fountain, lots of greenery, and a great brunch spot at Collins on the Park.  Asher+Rye at 348 Whitaker Street combines an excellent coffee shop with an eclectic home goods store, where you can find a nice gift for Mrs. Screencaps.  The mentioned Abe on Lincoln is a total dive bar, but right around the corner from the East Bay Inn where we stayed.  It’s also fun to take a walk along the riverfront, where there are many restaurants to choose from for dinner.  

Savannah may be the most dog-friendly city in the US.  We took our border collie almost anywhere that we went.

Outside town I can recommend Fort Pulaski.  But Tybee Island was a big disappointment compared to the beaches in SC–it’s like the low-end Jersey shore.


Remember, John, I’ll be on a guys’ weekend trip to Savannah with a bunch of former MLB baseball bros. Tybee Island is sounding like a place we could end up for Sunday Funday.

I appreciate all the tips that I’d probably use on a trip with my wife, but this will be a Frank Thomas-level testosterone guys being guys trip.

Put it this way, I’ll save the walking trip for when Mrs. Screencaps comes on a trip. We’re going to have March Madness on bar TVs and Savannah Bananas baseball action. What a guys’ weekend!

Screencaps Yacht Rock bracket?

• Rob in New Jersey writes:

How’s it going, Joe? Hope you and your family are doing well. 

With March Madness around the corner, I thought of something that the Screencaps community could have a lot of fun with. 

How are we feeling about a Screencaps Yacht Rock bracket? Seed a few groups against each other, let Screencaps readers vote by poll (if such functionality can be done in an OutKick post). 

Winner plays live at the Put-In-Bay Invitational, or at least gets heavy airplay (the NYT would NEVER). 

Keep up the excellent work – your boots-on-the-ground report from East Palestine was superb, and I appreciate the slices of Real America in the Screencaps every day. 


I’ll tell you what, if you want to do a Yacht Rock bracket, I need your Final Four suggestions. We’ll make this as easy as possible — the 2023 Yacht Rock Final Four.

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