Elon Musk Vs. Donald Trump: The Showdown We’re All Here For

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Donald Trump is no stranger to engaging in a war of words with … pretty much anyone. This time, he took aim at Elon Musk.

During a campaign rally in Alaska on July 9th, Trump was imploring rally-goers to sign up for his new social networking site, Truth Social. Of course, with the Elon Musk-Twitter drama going down, the former President used the opportunity to go after Musk.

“You know [Musk] said the other day, ‘I never voted for a Republican.’ I didn’t know that; he told me he voted for me,” Trump declared to the crowd. “He’s another bullshit artist.”

Boom. Shots fired.

Of course, word got back to Musk. He took to Twitter to respond to Trump’s comments and then took issue with Trump’s potential bid for the 2024 presidency.


With regards to Trump’s claim that Musk told Trump he voted for him, Musk simply responded: “Not true.”

Despite Trump’s harsh words, Musk harbors no hard feelings towards him.

Then Musk went after Trump’s potential presidential candidacy, saying he is too old to be president again.

Not only did he say that he thought Trump is too old and comes with too much baggage, but Musk wants to set a limit on the age for presidency consideration. For Musk, that number is 69 (nice).

Perhaps the biggest piece of news out of all of this, though, is Musk’s seemingly continued support of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

DeSantis is gaining a lot of steam as the potential Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential election. Less than two weeks ago, we reported that the Florida Gov. is the betting favorite to be elected in 2024.


In addition to support from Musk, Spotify’s Joe Rogan – the man with the biggest podcast in the world – also recently back DeSantis.

DeSantis is a Yale and Harvard educated Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy Reserves. Before winning Florida’s governorship, he served in the US House of Representatives for Florida’s 6th district from 2013-18.

Musk’s comment about Trump’s age makes his support for the Floridian not surprising – DeSantis is just 43 years old. If he were to win the 2024 election, he would become the youngest person to take office since John F. Kennedy, who was 43 when he was sworn in on January 20, 1961.

Written by Dan Zaksheske

Dan began his sports media career at ESPN, where he survived for nearly a decade. Once the Stockholm Syndrome cleared, he made his way to Outkick. He is secure enough in his masculinity to admit he is a cat-enthusiast with three cats, one of which is named “Brady” because his wife wishes she were married to Tom instead of him.


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  1. Let DJT purchase a major media platform and travel the world “being Donald Trump” uncensored and unfettered 24/7. “Being Donald Trump” is what he does best.
    I want DeSantis as POTUS for multiple reasons. I’m sure he has a skeleton or two in his closet that will be revealed … or simply made up.

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