Elon Musk Reinstates Multiple Journalists Suspended Accounts: ‘The People Have Spoken’

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Elon Musk has reinstated the suspended accounts of journalists who violated Twitter’s new “doxxing” policy.

The Twitter and Tesla CEO made the announcement after conducting a 24-hour Twitter poll that asked the public when the suspension should be lifted . “Now” or “in 7 days,” he said.

Over 3.7 million users totaling 59% voted “now.”


On Wednesday, the mainstream media lost their minds when multiple journalists had their accounts suspended after directly tweeting or linking to information related to doxxing. Some linked to information from Twitter user “@ElonJet.” That account has gained notoriety in recent months for tracking and revealing Musk’s private jet location.

Musk claimed the journalists suspension had nothing to do with them working for the media, but rather that they violated Twitter’s new doxxing guidelines. The new Terms of Service prohibit revealing a person’s real-time location due to safety concerns.

Some even referred to the suspension as the “Thursday Night Massacre.”

Many of the suspended journalists worked for left-of-center publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, and also former political commentator Keith Olbermann – who like Milton from Office Space, nobody knows exactly what he does anymore.

At one point Olbermann resorted to tweeting FROM HIS DOG’S ACCOUNT in a clearly non-lunatic way. Everything seems to be going great for Olbermann, who couldn’t go 24 hours without the ability to use the platform.


Reaction came in from some of the suspended journalists once their accounts were reinstated last night.

Musk also acknowledged Olbermann’s dog tweet.

As of Saturday morning, some accounts including Olbermann’s remained suspended. It’s unclear why.

This is the most accurate account status list:


We have seen many in the media who had no problem when previous Twitter ownership suspended or banned accounts, suddenly do a complete shift and become free speech warriors. It’s almost like a “funny you only cared when it affected you or your friends,” situation.

OutKick’s Clay Travis tweeted about this very point, which Musk responded to:

OutKick will continue to monitor any developments regarding future suspended accounts, policy changes, as well as Elon Musk and Twitter.

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