Elon Musk Booed At Dave Chappelle Show In San Francisco

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Dave Chappelle brought Elon Musk onstage at a recent show in San Francisco. To say the richest man on Earth (which was how Chappelle introduced him) received a frosty reception is an understatement.

“Cheers and boos, I see,” Chappelle said before later joking that some of the former Twitter employees Musk had fired were in the crowd.

If you think about that, given that this was in San Francisco where Twitter’s headquarters are located, that’s likely.

Chappelle cracked a few jokes while Musk barely had a chance to get a word in around the boos.

There’s no denying this was a rough look for the SpaceX and Tesla CEO, but to think that this was proof of Musk’s unpopularity across the board still seems like a stretch. It’s not the victory that woke Twitter seems to think.

Nonetheless, liberals took to — in a deliciously ironic twist — Twitter, to trumpet this as a win over that evil man Elon Musk. Y’know, the guy who dared to suggest — then put his money behind the idea — that different viewpoints should get equal play.

Even 80s-movie has-been John Cusack failed to see the irony and chimed in on the Musk-owned platform.

Nah, Twitter still isn’t real life. Never was. Honestly, San Francisco isn’t either.

Musk was booed at a Dave Chappelle show in San Francisco, an uber-woke city that’s home to many who hate the idea of dissenting opinions. (Photo by Paul Rovere/Getty Images)

Musk Was Booed In One Of America’s Wokest Cities

It’s a Dave Chappelle show, ergo, there’s an argument to be made that it’s full of people who like edgy, thought-provoking comedy. People who don’t appreciate being told what to think or say, or what to laugh at or not laugh at.

But remember, this was in San Francisco. That’s only marginally more representative of the real world than Twitter. The city is a freak island within the larger freak island of California.

This is an arena of 18,000 people in one of the bluest cities in a deep blue state. That’s not representative of the rest of the country either.

Plus, it’s the center of the tech world and Musk’s handling of Twitter and its personnel wouldn’t make him the most popular guy in town.

If this same thing happened almost anywhere else outside of California then I’d think there’s something to what they’re saying.

Instead, we’re talking about a state that is so caught up in left-leaning politics that they elected that shyster Gavin Newsom as their governor last month.


Until then, it just sounds more like a bunch of people unhappy their opinion won’t be the only one found online than an indictment on the guy whose company built the Teslas a bunch of fans drove to the venue.

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