Majestic Video Shows Massive Elk Engaging In Battle

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An awesome video has hit the web showing a pair of elk locking antlers.

As many OutKick readers know, the animal thunderdome never slows down and there are plenty of reminders of the beasts that share the planet with us.

In a video captured by Cowboy State Daily, two massive elk engaging in a little physical altercation, and the footage is nothing short of majestic.

For people who might not know, elk are huge animals. They’re way bigger than deer, and you don’t want to be anywhere near them when they decide it’s time to get violent.

A full-grown adult male elk can easily weigh north of 1,000 pounds. Do you want a pissed off animal weighing 1,100 pounds running in your direction?

If you’re rational, the answer is an easy no. If you’re crazy, then go ahead and mix it up with some elk. Just make sure your estate planning and medical insurance are up to date.

Elk battle in majestic viral video. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

The person who filmed this video should consider himself lucky because they were definitely too close for comfort.

It looked like they were close enough to reach out and touch the elk if they wanted to. I wouldn’t advise that. Just pointing it out for anyone who couldn’t tell.

Elk get in an altercation in wild video. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

Always keep your head on swivel whenever dealing with the animal thunderdome. That’s our stance here at OutKick and it should be yours too.

Written by David Hookstead

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