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The NBA Finals is on load management

For those who missed the announcement yesterday, Joe is off for the rest of the week. He’s taking a few well-deserved days off and I’ll be taking over the Morning Screencaps duties for a few extra days this week.

We’ve powered through before and we’ll do so again this week as well. First up on the agenda this morning is Chris Paul revealing why he’ll never win a ring.

Now I’d love to talk about Game 3 of the NBA Finals instead, but the entire series is on load management. Most of the games scheduled between the Heat and the Nuggets have two days of rest between them.

I know there’s travel and all of that, but the NHL which is a contact sport, only has two days of rest between games for travel during the Stanley Cup Final.

We could get into a little baseball, but we’ve still got a long way to go there. There were a couple of injuries worth noting. Aaron Judge is headed to the disabled list with a toe injury.

Who knows how long he’ll be out? But he’s expected to return at some point this season. Jacob deGrom, on the other hand, is headed for Tommy John surgery and will miss the rest of the season.

The Texas Rangers shelled out $185 million for the right-hander and have gotten off to a hot start. As unfortunate as the news is, it’s not surprising.

The starts by year tell you all you need to know about the gamble of signing the 34-year-old.

Again, there’s a long way to go in the Major League Baseball season and it’s too early to tell what kind of impact these injuries are going to have.

Chris Paul is never going to win a title

So instead of focusing too much on the MLB season or injuries, I wanted to share a clip from Chris Paul that I found absolutely fascinating. Somehow an 18-year veteran let a little boy take up real estate in his mind over the fact that he hasn’t been able to win a ring.

While talking about not winning an NBA title CP3, again an NBA player with 18 seasons under his belt, brought up a little boy talking trash to his daughter about him not having a ring.

Paul called the talk by his daughter’s classmate “crazy” and “reckless.” This is when I realized he’s never going to win a ring as a major part of a team.

Imagine being an NBA player walking around with this trash talking little kid’s words stuck in your head. Some people win, some people lose.

Bar apologizes and cancels promotion offering women free drinks based on bra size

An Australian nightclub called Woolshed on Hindley got themselves in trouble with people who likely never planned to step foot in their establishment over a free drinks promotion.

The bar was offering up free drinks to women based on bra size. One free drink for A-cups, two for B-cups, and three for C-cups. The promo also encouraged bras to be taken off and hung in the bar.

A social media post about the promotion said, “Hanging your bra is uncomfortable, hang it up in the shed and let loose. That means you as well boys.”

For anyone worrying that people might actually participate in and enjoy such an event, don’t. There’s no need, the bar has decided to shut it all down.

The said in a post on Facebook addressing the controversy, “We would like to address the concerns that have been raised regarding a recent social media post shared by our nightclub.”

“We sincerely apologize for the fact that the post made some of our patrons feel uncomfortable and body-shamed as this was never our intention,” the post continued.

“Based on the feedback from our community we have canceled the promotion and are workshopping ideas for different promotions that promote a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all. Moving forward senior management will be reviewing all promotional activity to ensure that it creates an inclusive environment for all our patrons.

Your feedback is valued and helps us to create the environment that both our staff and patrons love so suggestions are most welcome.”

Sonic employee accidentally dropped his cocaine into a woman’s hot dog

A woman at a New Mexico Sonic bit into her hot dog last week and found a plastic bag with a substance in it. She called police, who confirmed that the substance was cocaine.

An employee had accidentally put the bag in the woman’s hot dog. 54-year-old Jeffrey Salazar was arrested and faces a felony charge for possession of a controlled substance.

A customer’s hot dog is a tough place to lose your cocaine. I don’t know if the cooks at Sonic have to wear roller skates or not, but if they do that might explain his purchase.

Working an entire shift on roller skates in your 50s has to be tiring.

Not a bad start to a Wednesday if you ask me. Let’s keep the hot start rolling into the rest of the week.

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