Elizabeth Hurley Unleashes Her Cheetah Bikini, Woman Asks Dave Ramsey For Help On $1M Of Debt & Patrick Cantlay Should Be Arrested

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Excuse me, how much debt did she say they have?

I’m not going to sit here and pretend like I’ve had my life together for the last 20 years, but holy hell, I’ve never found myself in a hole like this lady who called Dave Ramsey and rocked the social media world with the story about how she and her husband are nearly $1M in the hole — between student debt and credit — and they’ve finally come to the conclusion that something needs to change.

Uh, you think?

Mrs. Screencaps and I will have a conversation from time to time on debt and how we refuse to take on unnecessary financial punishment in order to have some grand vacation on our life resumes or to take on auto loan debts to drive a European import.

I’ve had a few debts and then I busted my ass to get out by working day and night on the Internet to build a business, sell that business, make new deals, make more money, work my way into equity, cash in, work towards new contracts, new deals, new money.

There have been Screencaps readers who’ve emailed complaining how the “Numbers from ” section had gotten “darker” in 2022 and how I needed to stop sowing financial fear in readers’ brains. Oh yeah? So they can find themselves like this woman who is in full desperation mode?

This country has an addiction to credit and handouts and there’s going to be a coming to Jesus moment ahead for so many people. I don’t think a few reminders to get your house in order hurt anyone. If anything, those “Numbers from” tweets might’ve helped some people avoid falling off a financial cliff.

If that’s a crime, I’m guilty as charged.

Good luck to this lady and her husband. Dave’s right, the coming pain for the next three years is going to be intense. Besides eating Aldi chicken noodle soup six days a week, the other best thing they could do is to delete all social media channels. Watching all their elite friends jetting off to Cabo and the French Riviera won’t be good for their financial well-being.

Speaking of money, now let’s have some fun with money and spend some on a 1991 stadium concert

• My buddy Diesel cranked up the volume this morning in the group chat by presenting the following challenge. Book this 1991 rock stadium show using $100.

Remember, it’s 1991 and it’s a stadium show.

Here’s how I’m spending my $100. This is simple:

  1. Metallica
    • In 1991, the Black Album sold 30 million copies. It was the No. 1 selling album that year, beating out Nirvana’s “Nevermind” by three million copies.
      • Metallica’s concert in Moscow that year drew an insane 1.6 million people, according to Wiki.
  2. Guns ‘n Roses
    • Between Use Your Illusion I & Use Your Illusion II, GNR sold 30 million albums that year and the Use Your Illusion tour that started in May of ’91 is considered the high-mark of the band’s existence and created a crazy summer of content.
    • By August 1991, Axl Rose had been arrested for inciting a riot.
    • Duff McKagan once said the band didn’t turn a profit on the tour until 1993 because of the lifestyle they were living on the road.

Two bands. Nearly five hours of music and antics. There’s no need to have an opener. Flip a coin, throw one of these bands on as the opener, and off you go.

Woah, what’s up with these robot mowers taking our jobs?

• Mark W. in Franklin, TN writes:

What is this heresy? I got this from a new company, and apparently they are still trying to find additional money. As a member of TNML, I am not recommending this to anyone.


As I’ve said multiple times in Screencaps, I’m all for robot mowers at golf courses because I’d like for golf course manual labor doing things like beautifying bunkers. The biggest gripe I have about $100 golf courses over the last 3-4 years is that they’ve just given up on maintaining bunkers and then the courses look like trash for the money.

Put a robot mower out on the course and then have the maintenance guys rake bunkers, edge bunkers, really take care of them. Or take them out.

And would it be too much to ask these golf courses to plant flowers at the No. 1 tee box? How about we show just a little bit of interest in making the No. 1 tee box seem special?

The bots have upped their game

• Mike N. in Cedar Park, TX writes:

The bots have upgraded phishing to include pictures.

Living that retirement life

• Galen D. in Tennessee writes:

Just wanted to check in and congratulate you on connecting us average guys with random subjects that obviously mean a lot to us.

Couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of yesterday’s “Cracker Jill’s” pics… girls of color on a product named Cracker! I can’t predict who will be outraged!?!

Also, you asked us to check in with recent accomplishments:

  1. Another Senior Citizen Beach Trip (48 years after HS graduation) and a camper full of five 65-year-olds produced more sights, sounds, and smells that no other human should endure…and we still love each other.
  2. Senior Olympics on the Central Florida camping trip included Pickleball, Cornhole, Bocce Ball, and Shuffleboard! Lots of miles on daily walks and a little swimming…NEVER did I think of those things as sports, but KEEP THE BODY MOVING!
  3. Started a QiJong class to improve flexibility, stretching, breathing, and balance. Finish off the workout with upper body weights.
  4. Walked over 114 miles in the last month along with numerous gym workouts.
  5. Watched an Elon Musk launch.
  6. Lived long enough to be retired with a great pension, collect Social Security (hey libs, my money since I paid into the system for 45+yrs), and Medicare (another system that I paid into for 45+ years).
  7. Final recent accomplishment was receiving my TNML STICKER! The Screencaps/TNML
    lifestyle is a dream come true for this retiree!


I can hear the haters — people like the Bud Light VP — saying it right now…“It’s so stupid to have a column where you have a bunch of old people writing in about their retirement life.”

Are you kidding me? The retirees are the backbone of this column. Name another place on the Internet besides that horrible cesspool Facebook where retirees can hang on a daily basis. I probably have 10-20k retirees who read this column at least once a month.

Have you ever seen a report like Galen’s on Facebook? Hell no you haven’t. It’s always some old person bitching and moaning. Here we have Galen with the gas pedal buried to the floor. The guy is out there living life and showing all of us how to get busy living.

The lesson today: Be like Galen. This guy is a treasure.

And if your mom or dad, or God forbid both, are laying around complaining about life, send them this column and tell them to get off their asses.

(I guarantee my mom is reading this from Florida and wondering which trailer park ‘hood Galen stays in. And I guarantee she knows someone in that park.)

My Put-In-Bay golf partner is back to sending those sunset mowing photos

• Tim G. in NW Ohio writes:

Back in the saddle again! First mow of the year on a beautiful 75-degree day in the 419. Good preseason warm-up for the league opener next week!


I’ve never seen someone putt like Tim G. putted last year at the Put-In-Bay Invitational. The guy hit a 20-footer that must’ve rolled over 50 acorns on its way to the cup. I still think of that putt from time to time.

Welcome to all the ladies

• Glenn W. from Marquez, TX writes:

Got in the elusive pre-season TNML

We work too many hours to get one in every week. Attached is pic of the Mrs. getting after the “front” yard. She “let” me use her mower to do the “pasture” before she got off work.


I’ll go ahead and say it, I like Mrs. W.’s style while mowing! She’s multitasking.

Long live the TNML.

And with that, we’re rolling today. Yes, there are dozens of emails piled up this week. Hang tight. I’ll get to them. I’ve been busting ass this week on the yard to take advantage of 85-degree days. Today’s it’s going to be 84, but it might be time to reward myself after a long week of cutting ornamental grasses and bagging leaves.

Enjoy your Friday. Enjoy this weather.

Take care.

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Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. I think the scary part is that Lady’s situation probably isn’t too far off from where most people are, it’s just at a bigger scale since they’re higher earners. The mortgage, loans, and car debt are nothing out of the ordinary for people with advanced degrees. The credit cards and personal loans at $136k and $44k are like over-spending by $2k or so each per month for 5-6 years. Which for a couple making $25k a month, is just 10-20% over budget.

    Consumer debt right now is at an all time high. We just hit $1 Trillion in the US. See the Chart: https://fred.stlouisfed.org/series/CCLACBW027SBOG. That’s right, ONE TRILLION US AMERICAN DOLLARS. The government was handing out that free money at the party and we all got used to it. Now the party is over and the bill is coming due. Lot of economic pain coming soon, it’s not just this couple that will be tightening their belts.

  2. “This country has an addiction to credit and handouts and there’s going to be a coming to Jesus moment ahead for so many people. I don’t think a few reminders to get your house in order hurt anyone. If anything, those “Numbers from” tweets might’ve helped some people avoid falling off a financial cliff.”

    Truer words never spoken. Keep it up, brother.

  3. These people have “advanced degrees” in stupidity and work for the government. Makes a lot of sense!!! Using debt and managing it isn’t hard if you have the basic fundamental understanding of economics. Get a business degree or take a few business courses, and you’re less likely to end up in a mess like this.

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