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Lawn mowing and waving

• Aaron H. writes:

Aaron here from Iowa. Newish reader (past 8 months or so), but big fan. Love what you’re doing and the people you seem to attract – they seem like blue-collar, high character people and that’s what America needs more of. 

Odd question…..Am I by my lonesome when I say that I become frustrated that I’m not sure how to wave to people when I am mowing with my Cub Cadet Zero-Turn mower? I live on a gravel road and on gravel roads in Iowa, or really anywhere in Iowa, when you drive by someone in a vehicle, you wave to them, no matter what. I’m torn on what to do when I’m mowing with the zero-turn and someone drives by in their vehicle. I wave and then my lines get all wobbly like I just hammered 10 Busch Lights and it drives me insane every time I pull into the drive. I don’t wave, then I’m a prick.

Mind you I’m the guy that tells my fiance she has to wave to people when we drive by them in a vehicle on the gravel, so me not waving is tough to swallow when I’m on the lawnmower. Any advice from the TNML group here? At this point, it’s not even a group – it’s a movement.

Keep up the good work and thanks!


This is a very tricky question for someone who doesn’t use a zero-turn mower, but I drive by my neighbor Kevin’s yard when he’s on his zero-turn and I wave to him. The guy always waves…unless he’s on the zero-turn. The man is super serious about his 4″ turf and his straight lines.

Here’s what Americans need to realize: People on zero-turn mowers who don’t wave aren’t prick assholes. In fact, there probably should be a marketing campaign developed out of this by the zero-turn mowing companies.

Cub Cadet could easily make this into a commercial and since we know that major companies are reading Screencaps on a daily basis, don’t be shocked when Aaron’s dilemma turns into a commercial playing on The Weather Channel or Fox Weather.

An immediate solution for Aaron is to make sure you’re wearing sunglasses while mowing. Then, if Billy down the road texts about you not waving, you can say your eyes were on the lines and you didn’t see him haulin’ ass down the gravel road.

Helluvan email, Aaron. These are the exact thoughts that turn into long-running content themes. I guarantee there are others out here who are facing this dilemma.

Speaking of waving, do you always feel obligated to wave to a neighbor while driving down the road?

I live close enough to the big box home improvement stores that I might make 2-3 trips on a Saturday to get screws, topsoil, new gardening shovels after losing my wife’s shovel, etc. I might pass the same neighbor 4-6 times a day.

Is there such a thing as too much waving at a neighbor?

If I get the sense a neighbor is getting sick of me driving by, I might go to a head nod or mix up the waves. At the start of the day, I’ll go with a pumped-up hardy wave that signifies ‘Let’s get after it today,’ but later in the day, I go to an embarrassed to keep driving by Jeep wave.

There’s also the part of the day when I’ll take a different route through the neighborhood to avoid the wave thing. I go into let’s take a break with the waving thing mode.

A beautiful 1991 Chrysler New Yorker

• Adam W. in Sidney, NE writes:

Hi Joe, in the land of green lush lawns where you live this car would have rusted to the brake drums decades ago. I’m not sure if it’s worthy of screencaps, but as I kill time pondering my league mow tomorrow, this K car caught my eye.  Thanks for getting me into Yacht Rock.



I would have zero problems driving it while my phone is connected to a Bose Bluetooth mini speaker pumping out Yacht Rock while driving around Arizona or Florida. My dad picked up a 1999 Ford Taurus wagon, leather seats, all the options, for a couple thousand that he leaves in Florida and it takes me back to much simpler times in life when the Internet fired via a home phone line.

Plus, you get into these cars and instantly feel the luxury and like you’ve been transported to Vegas and you’re disposing of bodies in Lake Mead.

OutKick Zoom calls

• Craig V. writes:

My apologies for another email from me so quickly. But I had to ask a follow up from today’s screencaps; does Club Pro Guy have to be on these zoom calls? If so, does he also blur his face on zoom? Sorry…my curiosity was killing me.


I don’t think CPG has worked with OutKick in over a year. I’d have to go back into the archives, but I think that was just a summer of 2021 thing. That feels like five years ago.

• Gerard W. writes:

Glad to hear those Zooms aren’t painful like they seemed. I totally get it. The best sales ideas I have gotten were not from the sales meetings.  They were at the bar after the sales meeting talking shop with other agents. Same goes for farming ideas. Shop and tailgate beers pay huge dividends!!

TNML on Wednesday during a lunch break

• Steve in Argyle, TX writes:

It might be sacrilegious to cut your grass midday on a Wednesday, but I have two youngsters with seemingly endless weeknight activities scheduled and an office job that allows me to work from home on Wednesdays.  The Wednesday lunch break fits ever so nicely into my schedule to pull the little Craftsman 140CC push mower out of the garage and get to work.  

Anyways, the yard isn’t much but my wife and I worked hard to be able to own a house with one.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I don’t quite lay the stripes like some of your TNML all-stars, but I do my best.  Keep up the good work, always love hearing what you have to say, and all your readers input.  You seem to have a following comprised of people I’d have a beer with any day of the week.  And I love it.


I get it, Steve.

Speaking of doing work on a lunch break, Wednesday I saw my neighbor out trimming his yard on his lunch break and all he said was, “I have to get it ready for league night.”

TNML soundtrack

• Todd DeB. in Greensboro, NC writes:

First, let me say how much I enjoy Screencaps and what a pleasure it is every day to jump on Outkick and fire it up. Keeps me going through my interminable early morning meetings.     I’ll get straight to the point. I have seen many suggestions for a TNML “Theme Song” and some of them are actually decent suggestions.

However, I believe you are shooting too low by looking for a single song when what you really need is an entire “Soundtrack”. After all, it takes longer than one damn song to cut your lawn, unless of course, you live in one of these giant “progressive” cities with no real grass to call your own. The horror. As such, I nominate Sturgill Simpson and his classic album “Cutting Grass”.

I mean could it be more perfect? One of the greatest country songwriters/performers of the modern era and arguably of all time, and it’s called CUTTING GRASS!!!! I humbly submit this to the commissioner for his consideration. Thanks and keep up the great work.

The story out of Texas where the guy stole a mower and mowed the guy’s lawn is easily the most emailed story in Screencaps history

• I think Caleb from PA was the first emailer to send me a link that turned into this:

Caleb writes:

Still loving the content you pump out for all of us. Keep up the great work, and don’t let the Blue Checkmark crowd ever get you down. 


Caleb even friended me on LinkedIn. I’m not going to lie, he intimidated me with his job title and I didn’t immediately pull the ‘Accept’ button on his connection request. It’s the same thing for me when the military guys start friending me. My initial reaction is, “What did I do this time?”


• Jeremy P. sent me emails last week about grillin’, smokin’ & cookin’ meats, but he forgot to send photos of his setup:

Pork belly burnt ends and the RT-340.


They’re beautiful.

The flowers are in the planters. The pool turned on. The patio lights have been raised after a rough winter battling the elements and the outdoor TV is ready to go onto the wall. Now comes the outdoor cooking setup. You guys have provided incredible information. Now, as the judge and jury, it’s time for me to make a decision.

It’s going to happen very soon.

Now, get out there and dominate this Thursday. Just think of how close you are to those summer vacations and filling up the tank with that $4.25 (avg.) fuel. Our three-day stretch of soccer and baseball gets started tonight and it’s going to be 90-degrees which could break a daily record that has stood since 1881.

Have an incredible day.

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