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I’ve officially heard from the Bourbon Bros® on a possible Screencaps summit in Louisville & they love the idea

• Garrett B. writes:

First time emailer…..just started collecting bourbons last year. Has become a serious interest of mine. Bourbon Bros Kentucky outing sounds amazing!!!

• Todd S. writes:

Thanks for putting my email into a column a couple weeks back about garage organization/power wheel storage. Funny to see my email on the site. Dates dependent, the wife and I would be interested in joining a Bourbon Tour. Not too far from our home in the Nati. Who Dey! Beat KC!!


I’m thinking late April.

• Mark W. in Tennessee writes:

The SC Kentucky Bourbon tour is a great idea, and I would certainly participate if it works on the schedule. I think you should consider a Tennessee Whiskey Trail tour which encompasses 13 distillers in Middle Tennessee, including Jack Daniels (worth the trip by itself). If you decide to put this on the schedule, you re always welcome to stay with me and Mrs. W. We would love to host you.


I’ve received at least a dozen messages from the Tennessee contingent who want a tour stop. Folks, I’m all for multiple tour stops and trips to Mark W.’s house to see the stripes. I’d 100% visit Mark on a glorious Friday morning to see the dew sparkling on his turf.

• T.H. in TN writes:

Joe, love the bourbon tour idea..how about the last weekend in April….get in on a little of the Kentucky Derby hype….count me IN!!!!


There have been multiple requests to do the Bourbon Bros. tour in late April. I think that’s the target date here. Now I need to contact the tour operator who sent me a tweet the other day. Looks like I better get busy.

Dolphins long snapper Blake Ferguson seems serious about this Bourbon Bros. influencer trip. Sheesh, Blake.

Judd the Lib Lib in Ohio, who says he loves Screencaps, sure has people talking

• Brian J., a proud East Tennessee resident writes:

F@$K Judd F. with his “can’t we all get along” attitude and “cut back the polarization” crap. Does he forget his boy Biden constantly calling republicans a threat to democracy? Or the speech he gave in the summer with the red lighting in the background that looked straight out of 1940 Germany?

I’ve seen the fake olive branch from Judd’s type before. It starts as that and evolves into the “I know what’s best for you” really damn quick. Here in TN we have more and more CA, NY, and even IL people moving in. Most are escaping because they see the disaster the liberal policies there have created and are good neighbors.

But some can’t help themselves and say “well, maybe the city can do blah blah blah because where I lived that was what we did was…” Hey libs like Judd F – FULL STOP! (couldn’t help myself Joe) If you like the way they did it back in Libtardville, move the f@%k back there! I have a fairly new 2700 sqft full brick home (with a gas stove) that costs $300K in 2020. Same home in CA is probably $1M. I pay $1,900 a year in property taxes. I have no state income taxes. My annual car tax/registration is something like $55. My insurance rates are reasonable.

My corner market (where I make Busch Light runs) knows me on a first name basis. And I can carry a gun almost everywhere I want. If I lived in CA I would need to make probably triple or quadruple my salary to have a chance at living the lifestyle I have. But these libtards want to move to my community because theirs is shit (as in literally shit on the sidewalks in some of them) and tell me “well, this is how we did it where I lived.” F$@k them and Uhaul truck they rode in on.

• Rick R. writes:

Yo Lib Lib,

Why would you ever announce to a large community, whom you’ve never met nor had one interaction with, what your political leanings are? Not only is it dopey as hell but it’s down right cringeworthy.

I’ll speak for myself but I could give a rats ass what anyone’s beliefs are. Stay in your lane, be a good person, take care of loved ones and let God lead the way. I like this community because the people just want to be left alone to drink beer, make shit with their hands, look at titties, travel, watch a good sporting event and mow their own yard. Keep the decay of political leanings out of our fun. I will not nor will I ever give a fuck about our government! Those ass rots can suck on deeeeeez Nutz!!

• Eric T. writes:

Hi Joe…

I am a fellow Buckeye…born in Cincy and grew up in Troy.  Read your column and your other stories, but have often felt that the “Screencaps Nation” is not a group that would want me around (not that that is a bad thing, as I don’t have to be part of every group I come across).  Like Judd, I am considered a liberal.  I share his call for more moderation of the rhetoric.  I believe that we are all free to believe what we want, and personally try not to demonize those who do not share my views.

You would like to hang out with me, in part because of our Western Ohio heritage (and I would enjoy meeting you).  I am funny, considerate, and likeable.  Contrary to your assertions about us lib libs,

1.  I am not at all fine with fentanyl addicts shitting on themselves.  I can’t believe that anyone would be, so the hyperbole on this is a bit much.

2.  I do not like Joy Behar, nor do I believe that she speaks for anyone with any sense.  She is a TV blowhard.  When you overreact to her stupid ideas, you give her a larger platform than she deserves.  I believe that there are some serious safety issues with sports that need to be considered (too often we use up athletes and then throw them aside when their bodies fail), but this is not something that The View gets to decide.

3.  I have a gas stove, and am a talented amateur cook, but do not believe the government is going to take it away from me.  That is just not happening, but again the hyperbole does not help your argument.

4.  Several years ago, we bought my father-in-law a riding mower so he could continue to cut his own grass in his 80’s (he is now 92).  It is gas-powered, but he is retired and mows whenever he feels like it.  I believe that small gas engines are detrimental to our climate, but I am not worried that the government will take it away from him.  There is room for discussion on this topic, just as with others, but the venue is not The View or similar outlets..

Unfortunately, I am not able to drink alcohol any more, due to a bout of cancer that took one of my kidneys.  I can crush NA beers though, and it is the thought that counts!

I have never shied away from doing hard things in my life…my wife and I decided to move in with my in-laws to take care of them while my mother-in-law had Alzheimer’s  Was with her providing care until she died (and this is a woman who told my wife on our wedding day that she did not have to go through with the ceremony).  The cancer has been tough, as I have been sick for the past 2 years, but my take is that there is always someone else who has it much worse than I do; so, I don’t complain. I have a trans daughter who is trying to make her way in a world that can be very cruel. Living the hard parts of life is not valid or invalid based on your belief system.

My wish for you is, like Judd, that you find it within you to maybe tone down on the demonization of those who have different ideas.  You mention your growing audience, but might it be even larger if folks like me decide that Screencaps Nation is a place for all reasonable, hard-working people..

Regards, and good luck to your Bengals!

• Millennial Griff in Minnesota writes:


Friday’s edition of ScreenCaps caught me at the right time and Id like to respond to Bleeding-Heart-Liberal Judd in OH. I see a whole army of my countrymen, here, in defiance of tyranny! Judd’s email has oppressed us and we shall revolt as our enemies may take our land, they may take our lives, but they will never take…OUR SCREENCAPS! GUARDS, SEND HIM TO THE COFFERS OF THE MSNBC FACEBOOK PAGE, HO!

There is absolutely space here for people who think differently. Unlike large swaths of the internet, its fine to have different opinions in ScreenCaps. But you also have to be able to take a joke or be put on blast for a nonsense take (leave. the bellybutton. alone).

I dont think Joe has been polarizing, I would more call it banter. Like you would get from a buddy a few stools down from you at a bar. I also laughed at the context of Judd’s email as there was some self-awareness there. Judd doesnt seem like the type of guy who would put a rock through his neighbor’s window just for having a Trump sign in his yard.

Where I live, its amazing how close-minded and intolerant people have become here (I have a love-hate relationship with my city, quite complicated, dont ask). I hope this column never becomes that. Now Judd, put your pronoun pin on and have yourself a great day. I know you can fight William, but its our wits that make us men!

I feel like this isn’t the first time I’ve seen this Costco idea floated

And while we’re at it, I can’t believe we haven’t made it to an era where casinos are built directly into sports stadiums. Those of you who’ve been following me for the last decade know I’ve always called for a ballpark to incorporate slot machines, blackjack tables and craps tables into the outfield concourses.

Stop and think about this for a minute — people would actually PAY to come to a baseball game and then gamble away their money. AND buy $20 beers. This is business 101.

In fact, I’d argue it’s time for teams like the Reds to lease out a huge swath of Great American Ballpark to one of the approved state gambling operations to run an outfield casino that is fully operational year-round. The stands wouldn’t be empty for 81 games a year.

The Ts got past border security and made it into Italy

• Mike T. wants everyone to see how he’s living the patio life in Tuscany:

And here’s the new Mike T. & Cindy T. ‘hood in Pontassieve, Italy. If this is something that you’d like to experience, you should make contact with Mike T. I know some of you are intimidated by the costs associated with the T. European vacation, but keep in mind Cindy T. has spent hundreds of hours locating reasonably priced accommodations.

Remember, you don’t have to spend SIX MONTHS in Europe like the Ts! Cindy T. might be able to put you on a two-week trip itinerary of a lifetime.

I did some reading last night and from the sound of things, the common American is running out of savings and the walls are crumbling in

Did you know that repo companies pretty much went out of business over the last three years? I read one story where repos are so hot right now that banks are paying the repo companies premiums to jump in front of other banks.

If you’re into a ‘Do Hard Things’ lifestyle, now is the time to get into the repo business.

First-time emailer bringing the ‘Inspirational Juice’ as he calls it

• Larry B. in San Diego writes:

Long/first – would love to share with the ‘Caps Crew a positive story of my brother in Idaho receiving the gift of life from a recent Illinois transplant – see what I did there?  With Screencaps you’ve tapped into the right psyche of doing hard things, and forging ahead, direct into the path of challenges and loving every minute of it.  The journey is the reward.  Keep it up, please.

This same energy has given me a new brother, Justin, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Inspiring story – A local man saw our story, was touched and donated his kidney. – East Idaho News – also see the embedded link to the original article.

Keep on rockin’ in the free world.

Larry B.

San Diego, People’s Republic of California

#FJB – F*ck Joe Biden and F*ck Joy Behar

More “Best Business Decision I Ever Made” inspirational juice for your weekend

I really like this story from Steve in Corpus Christi. “Best Business Decisions” don’t have to revolve around piles of money and Steve illustrates that here. Sometimes your connections help you make the Best Business Decisions of your life.

• Steve writes:

It’s awesome hearing all these stories.  My best business decision ever wasn’t actually mine, but I could not begin to imagine where I would be without it. 

I grew up in a smallish blue-collar refinery town right near Galveston, Tx. My mother was single and struggling to get by, so much so that our home phone (before cell phones) was cut off because we couldn’t afford it.  I turned 16 and it was time to find work to help out.  I put in applications at numerous places.  Problem was, with no home phone I was having to put my best friends phone number down.  I would explain that on the application and I’m sure that’s part of the reason I only got 1 call back.  I ended up getting that job at Eckerd, now CVS everywhere except the northeast I believe.  I kept it through high school and then community college. 

The second manager I had ended up seeing something in me and turned into a great mentor and giver of advice.  We both realized retail was not the career we wanted, him after 25 years and me after 3.  He started an Associate’s degree program to become what’s known as an operator for the local chemical plants and refineries. These guys make 6 figures to do what can be a very stressful and at times a slightly dangerous job while working shift work.  He convinced me to start the program. 

After I got my degree, I started at a chemical plant that happened to pay the absolute lowest in the area (nowhere near the 6 figures others were making).  But hey, I had my foot in the door and its where I met my now wife.  One day that former manager calls me up and says, “You will not believe the raises we just got, you need to apply here now!”.  I had been avoiding joining his company because I liked the roll I was in despite the money, but I couldn’t say no to their new pay scale.  He got me an interview with his boss, I got the job and worked with that same former manager for the next 13 years until I moved here to CC for an opportunity my wife fell in to.  I found something in the same field, just off shift work like I had been trying to do for a few years.

So it all goes back to that first manager seeing on an application the following, “Home phone disconnected, please call xxx-xxxx and leave a message at my friend’s house.”  He must have thought I could use the job.  He took a chance and the rest is history, for me anyway. 

• And let’s hear a story from Mig, my Bengals-Steelers travel partner when Tom H. in Fort Wayne offered up tickets back in November:

There I was, living the corporate retail middle manager dream, reporting directly to the VP.  Responsible for the Fire and Life safety of 5 distributions centers over 1 million square feet in 5 different states and Corporate Headquarters in Ohio.  Where I wasn’t was home.  Leaving on Sunday afternoons coming home on the Thursday nite red eye from California or Texas, missing my 4 kids grow up.  

I left the office and went to cover stores in Ohio for the same company.  It still had responsibilities but I got the job done on my schedule and between middle school till my kids graduated I attended sporting events. band concerts, orchestra, plays, debate competitions, and a whole lot of other events that to be honest, were boring as shit.  I did travel softball and volleyball with the hotel points I had racked up and spent fun weekends with the kids without Mrs. Mig as she coached college Track and Cross Country and was many times busy on the weekends.  Teaching them valuable lessons like if you get in trouble with the police call me first, not your mom.  Everyone here knows, Don’t Blink.  

As I aged I adopted a different strategy, do less hard stuff.   I downsized from 5 acres after the kids grew up and found if I didn’t go to stores every day, no one noticed. I recently had a picket fence installed, not because I don’t know how, because I didn’t have to do it myself.   I smile a little when I think of how little effort in put into my job for the last 10 years as I left after 28 years  Folks, if you are missing your kids growing up, fix that.  Giving that much time and effort to any company that is not your own will never be as rewarding like time with your family.

That’s a wrap. My son has a baseball game and I need to get to Party City for more balloons. I have a big weekend coming up.

Go Bengals. Who Dey. May your parlays hit.

Have an incredible weekend. We’ll talk Monday.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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