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And just like that, Michigan is the last team standing east of the Mississippi

Guess what Michigan fans are mad about this morning. That’s right, playing in the 9:57 ET Tuesday game has fully triggered Michigan fans who can’t seem to understand why Turner Sports would want UCLA-Michigan on in primetime in Los Angeles. Tough break, Michigan Man. That’s what happens when the two biggest national brands are left in a NCAA Tournament that has turned into a West coast TV event.

Now, for those who think this is such a bust of a Tournament, maybe you haven’t looked at the brackets. Three No. 1 seeds remain, Oregon State’s sniffing a Final Four, and heads would absolutely explode over a USC-UCLA Final Four matchup. What if we get USC-UCLA and Baylor-Houston? Let’s not bitch and moan over TV times or how little drama there was in a few Sweet 16 games. Enjoy it, soak it up and just roll with the punches here. Things could have been very different if some of the Woke All-Stars had their way early in the college basketball season when they wanted the sport closed down.

• Thank you to those who stopped by Saturday’s Zoom call. Dr. Marlene is becoming a breakout star, and a special thanks goes out to Pam who keeps praising me so much that things seem to be escalating between her and I. There’s a very good chance that the Zoom calls I do aren’t like the rest of the OutKick crew. I prefer to get in there and learn more about what makes you guys tick and what you’re seeing out there in the sports world. Adam in Arkansas told me that he was harassed for payment at a youth baseball game Friday night for trying to watch his son while watching from the outfield. Then I was at a birthday party Saturday where a parent told me some horror stories from his family’s first year of travel ball. That might be a subject I have to dive into a little deeper.

• Pam’s wanting me to start a podcast. That means I’ll probably have to start one. Yep, another guy with a podcast. What a time to be alive.

• Speaking of Los Angeles, there’s a report out that the top-paid L.A. lifeguards can make up to $392,000 a year and that it’s not unusual for lifeguards to rake in $200,000. Top cops in NYC make $641,000 in pay and benefits.

• What’s the future look like in warehouses where boxes need to be moved? Boston Dynamics is creating a package handler robot. Remember when you used to work for FedEx or UPS back in college? This robot might be coming for those jobs in the near future.

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  1. Lizebeth rocking the hay bail is approved behavior. I can appreciate your hate for Michigan as it is a similar to my all things Bama hate. Thank God for teams to hate, because sports would be pretty dull without them.

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