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Let’s dump out as many emails as possible this morning

The sun is barely out — thanks to the Canadian wildfire smoke. The birds are flying into the feeders. The dog has gone out to inspect the rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and everything else that moves. It’s the final Wednesday in June and there’s not much going on in sports besides MY Reds regaining first place in the N.L. Central.

The emails are piling up, so let’s get after it.

PNW vacation is over and patios

• You might remember Nick C. from Miami, FL as the reader who was headed to the Pacific Northwest and looking for ideas on how to do the area right while staying away from the weirdos.

Nick writes:

Our family vacation to Seattle and Alaska has come to an end but we had a great time despite the endless rain in both locations. 

On behalf of the family and traveling party, I’d like to send heartfelt thanks to Craig B. and James M. in WA, fellow Floridian Chris B., and Rob in TX.

Their advice and suggestions were invaluable in crafting an itinerary, but more importantly, helping us stay safe. 

These guys epitomize what you’ve created here in Screencaps nation and if they are ever in Miami, drinks are on me. 

On to patios. Due to the fact that I live in a townhouse, there are limits as to what we can do with our small backyard. The attached pictures are 100% the vision of my wife who deserves all the credit.

Thanks again for bringing us freedom-loving, sane folks together from all over this great land we get to call home. 


Logical first question from someone who isn’t from Miami: Is the chainlink fence to keep the gators out?

The Screencaps archives

• Rex writes:

How can I find old screencaps “issues”? I’d like them sorted by date.

Many times I’ve talked to someone about what I’ve seen on Screencaps and I want to go back and get the exact details. But I can never find older articles.

Thank you for what you do. I’ve got a million things I’d love to comment on which probably means you are doing a pretty good job.


Rex, the archives are a very sensitive subject. Ideally, you’d be able to go back through the archives via #MorningScreencaps and cruise through by date. For some reason, the plugin OutKick uses is not the most dependable plugin, so the archive gets thrown off big time.

Ideally No. 2: Screencaps would have an email newsletter going out to readers with post highlights in bullet point form that would then sit in your inbox and be searchable.

It’s an undertaking, but this column keeps getting bigger and bigger, which means I need to focus even more on how to make this beast grow in the best ways.

Hang with me. Let me wrap my mind around how to make it easier to search out these posts.

And you can always fire off an email to ask me about a topic.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

Indy Daryl is back after his backpacking trip

• Indy D. writes:

Goodness! Finally finding a minute to sit down and write about our family backpacking trip. 

A picture of us starting out on the River Ridge Trail at the Forest Glen Preserve. In all we did around 11 miles over three days and two nights (3/4.5/3.25). Kids were amazing and only whined a little, particularly during the end of hikes on days two and three. We had great campsites, enjoyed our freeze dried meals, trail mixes, dried fruit, and especially that morning coffee! 

Night two provided the most drama: as the expected raccoons were out and about, we heard coyotes howling in the distance that got progressively closer and closer; to the point that we heard a couple simply bark, sounding no more than 20 yards away.

Given that my oldest daughter (13) is quite afraid of things that howl, there was definitely some anxiety in the girls tent! I also think I saw a bobcat during my nightly pee, as the eyes staring at me from 50ft away were bright yellow unlike the bright silver of the raccoon 20 ft away.

All said and done it was great to be outside for 40ish hours straight and while the kids aren’t quite ready for another trip immediately they loved it and are on board for the next one! 

Sports to pass the time this time of year

• Mike T. in Idaho writes:

Tour de France


Greetings, you were taking about a slow sports time in July, while it may not be some folk’s cup of tea, the Tour De France is one of my favorite sporting events in the world.

The scenery, the drama, and the fantastic crowds make it must-watch TV in our house. It’s on Peacock live or on demand!

We were lucky enough to see several starts and finishes, the towns, cities, and villages they go through are party hardy for days before and after the riders pass through!


No doubt, the Tour de France has been one of my go-to events over the years, especially since I started working from home in 2011. The imagery is awesome. My biggest complaint with the Tour lately is how hard it is to find on TV ever since NBC axed its cable sports channel.

After a quick check of the listings, it turns out NBC will show the first week of the Tour on USA and then everything moves to Peacock. I’m out dawg. I’m not downloading another app and paying. I’ll do it for the NFL, not for cycling.

I’m already at war with NBC Sports. No way in hell I’m paying for Peacock.

Thyme lawn

• Scott from New Hampshire is back:

I’ve written before and read every day. Since late last summer I’ve been part of the Thursday Movement. 

Today I ran across this: Thyme Lawn?

I love stripes on my lawn.  I spend way more time on my gardens and bushes and such.  I think you’ll agree, but to me the TNML is more of a yard lifestyle than actually having grass and mowing on Thursday. 

Planting some thyme gardens sounds like an expensive pain in the ass, but it also sounds awesome once it gets going. Maybe it’s a little douchey? Idk once it gets going it’s probably pretty sweet. 

Any mowers have experience with thyme or part-time thyme lawns? I’ve never seen one around here… 

Keep up the good work. We all appreciate you.


Mrs. Screencaps is growing it in one part of our garden. I can officially say I understands how it could take over a yard FAST. It’s a carpet in our garden. Smells great. Not sure it would be great as a full lawn. Not sure I’ve ever seen a full yard of this stuff.

The Pooper Scooper drama keeps going

This whole pooper scooper business topic has been HOT. There are some of you who are angry at “lazy” people using pooper scooper businesses while others have explained themselves and why they’re using such businesses.

Today we hear from Michael C. in Utah who explains his stance.

• He writes:

Hope you are having a good start to the summer.   I used to email you from another firm, but got a new gig last month.

I have hired dog poop scooping companies when I have a long vacation when a dog sitter is staying at my house with two dogs.   I don’t want to have the dog sitter clean up poop that accumulates over 2 weeks, and I certainly don’t want to come home to it.

Another scenario to consider.

Lite beer

• Jake in Oregon writes:

Hey Joe:  Been enjoying your little league saga – brings back some good memories – hope all the boys come back to play again next year – that is the sign of a successful season.

Finally got the Miller Lite sign done – New transformer, painted the frame, new tube stands and thanks to Greg “the neon guy” who fixed the leaky tube.  I now have over $200. into a sign that is worth maybe $100 but that is what us retirees do!

Looks like Bud Lite purveyors are trying to find ways to sell the product – Does it still count as a bud lite if you have a shot with it?

Things here in the liberal land of Oregon keep changing – the legislature just passed a law to let us pump our own  gas!!   The mayor of Portland just noticed that it is illegal to walk down the street drinking a beer, but totally legal to sit on the same street smoking crack, fentanyl, heroin or whatever other drug of your choice.  He said that didn’t seem quite right..  Hmmm  will they legalize beer, or outlaw drugs –  take a pick.


Hold up, did I just read that? You can now pump your gas in Oregon? Is New Jersey the final state to outlaw pumping your own gas? I’ve lost track of where states stand on that issue. All I know for sure is that the first time getting gas in both states was interesting.

Oh and here’s something I learned about driving New Jersey highways from my days in Pennsylvania: If you see a sign that says “Gas” at an exit, it could be five miles down the road. You’ve been warned.

What’s going on with the card industry?

The Goldin Marketplace has a $6,000 “Buy Now” price tag and it gets a tweet from the Goldin Twitter account. We’re talking about a card that thousands of you have laying around. Is the Goldin team just trolling us at this point?

One final trip to the Peaks

• Michael B. writes:

I guess buddy have to get that last scenic view and 37 degree beer!

The Patio Life

• Rob DeG. writes:

This is why you live the Patio Life…recent 60th bday gathering. Wouldn’t trade moments like this for a truckload of ‘stuff’. 

That’s the perfect way to end this morning. It’s a late Wednesday in June. That’s about all that’s going on around here. With baseball games on the horizon to finish the week, this is going to be a night to get things in order heading into a weekend when I’m going to need patio supplies. The last thing I want to do Saturday…after golfing…is to be at the store with all the other weekend warriors.

Stay cool out there. Stay safe in the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t test those rip-current warning flags.

Take care.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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