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There’s yet another social media app to use

I guess Mark Zuckerberg is trying his hand at a Twitter spinoff called Threads. Yes, I downloaded it, gave Zuck’s team access to all my photos and probably gave him the right to sell my likeness in the process.

My first impression of Threads goes something like this: There’s not a desktop option and I can’t drop URLs into Screencaps, so I’ll probably use this app like once a week, if that. The one thing I did notice is that the IG models actually share deep thoughts from their brains. That could be an interesting angle. Otherwise, it’s just a Twitter clone.

Trust me, the last thing I want to do in life is scroll through too many deep thoughts from IG models, but at the end of the day, this stuff is my job and someone has to do it. Some of you guys fix air conditioners and gas lines. I track what Killer Katrin is up to on social media so you guys have something to read about on lunch breaks and at 8:30 p.m. after settling in for the night.

Business is business.

I’m definitely not using ‘track’ in a sentence when referencing a golf course

This question popped into my head this morning while looking through social media photos of golf courses. Social media bros started referencing the course being a great “track” and I started wondering how good I’d have to be at the sport to start using such language.

I’m thinking you have to be a 10 or under handicap and under 45 years old.

Tour de France

• John from SD writes:

Today’s mountain stage was so awesome that I actually broke down and subscribed to Peacock for this one month. The USA channel coverage ends on Friday.

$4,000 for a grill? Who has one of these?

• Mike T. in Idaho writes:

Cindy T says time to paint the interior of the T ranch, ok says I and off to Home Depot to get test colors of paint we go! While Cindy is looking at colors, I say” I’ll head over and look at grills and smokers”.

I don’t know about you, but I try and limit my Home Depot experience to getting the items on my “fix it list” and getting out as fast as possible. But, I see the BBQ section every time I walk in the store.

I’ve had a Treager smoker for almost 15 years, it’s as basic as they come, but gets the job done consistently. I also have a Weber charcoal grill that’s about the same vintage, both with a few miles, but turn out solid BBQ.

My Treager, it’s held together with Flat black rustoleum paint!

When I enter the BBQ section I see this $2,000 grill! What the heck has happened to the world where people spend $2,000 on a grill.

The Depot guy walks by and says “ That’s the baby grill, here’s the Daddy.

$4,000 for a grill! Are you kidding me? Tell me people aren’t really spending $4,000 on a BBQ, I know I’m not!


This community is huge, which means one of you owns the Timberline Traeger. Tell us about the experience. Does the food taste better than from a $2,000 Traeger or the $500 Traeger? What can you do with the $4,000 Traeger that you can’t do with the cheaper models?

Help those of us who’ll never own one of these understand how it has changed your life.

Speaking of finances, I was just telling Mrs. Screencaps about this data

I’m not an economist, but when I see numbers like this I wonder which drug companies I should be investing in.

That brings me to quite the editorial from the NY Times

The board writes:

The era of low interest rates has ended, however. The cost of living on borrowed money is rising. It is imperative for the nation’s leaders to chart a new course.

That’s it this morning. It’s rather quiet out there as so many Americans sit by their RVs and on the lake house patios. My night is about to be nuts: Mowing, 6U baseball and then micro wrestling. Let’s get after it.

Take care.

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