Eli Manning Surprises Penn State Punter With Scholarship In Awesome Video

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Eli Manning was a legend at Ole Miss, but that didn’t stop him from making a player’s day at Penn State.

Manning stopped by James Franklin’s practice Thursday and talked to the Nittany Lions as the team finished up. Franklin called Manning to the front of the huddle after he was done talking, telling the guys he wanted to “take advantage” of Eli being in attendance.

“I don’t need to go through his resume, you guys know his resume,” Franklin starts. “I’m talking about a guy who’s won it all, multiple times. There are core ingredients on those teams … let’s give it up for Eli Manning.”

Manning, who starred at Ole Miss from 2000-2003, then talks about the importance of practice, having the right mindset and coming together as a team.

Then, Eli starts talking about free agency in the NFL, draws a parallel to walk-ons in college, and calls up punter Barney Armor.

Here’s how the rest unfolded.

“But it’s pretty damn when you’re on scholarship, right?” is an awesome line from Eli to cap an incredible moment.

The team knows what’s coming and goes insane. Amor breaks down the huddle and walks away on full scholarship. What a damn day!

Eli Manning with Barney Amor and James Franklin after Eli gave out the scholarship. (Photo: Penn State Twitter)

There’s nothing quite like a good scholarship video in college football. We see them every year around this time, and they never, ever get old.

But to have Eli Manning, a two-time Super Bowl champ, break the news to you? Tough to beat that.

Amor, by the way, has a great story. He was a star at Colgate in 2019, set a ton of records, missed the 2020 season because of COVID and then used last year as a redshirt at Penn State.

He came into camp this year as the team’s only punter on the roster who’d actually seen any game action, and now he’s on scholarship with a great story to tell the kids one day.

Have yourself a day, Barney!

Written by Zach Dean

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