Eli Manning Takes A Bit Of A Playful Jab At Peyton On Live TV

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Eli Manning took a bit of a humorous shot Monday night at his brother Peyton.

During the Manningcast coverage of the Seahawks/Broncos Monday Night Football Game, the legendary quarterback brothers were talking about Seattle fans booing Russell Wilson, and Shannon Sharpe asked Peyton if Colts fans ever booed him following his release.

“He was cut. He was cut. That was different,” Eli responded without a second of hesitation. Peyton responded with an awkward smile and, “Thank you for pointing that out E.”

It’s hard to describe just how great Eli and Peyton are on TV together. The Manningcast is truly more entertaining than the actual MNF broadcast on ESPN, and moments like this one are the reason why.

That line about Peyton getting cut rolled right off Eli Manning’s tongue without a second thought. He just said it like it was no big deal.

Peyton and Eli Manning continue to dominate the Manningcast for Monday Night Football. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Clearly, the former Colts and Broncos star would like to move past when Indy cut him because of health issues.

However, it didn’t work out too bad for Manning in the end. He went to Denver and won a Super Bowl with the Broncos. Hard to complain about how it all shook out for the legendary NFL passer.

Eli Manning takes a playful shot at his brother Peyton on the Manningcast. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Now, does that mean his brother won’t jab him about it from time to time? Obviously not, and that’s why it makes such entertaining TV.

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