Eli Manning Celebrates National Dog Day, Phil Mickelson Beats Up On Old Guys & Aldi’s New Chip Flavors

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We’ve never needed a night of NFL action like we need it right now. The NBA’s going to continue to be a mess because there’s no going back now. LeBron dropped the f-bomb and now he has to keep escalating from here. So the NBA will be off doing its outrage thing while the rest of us will move on to college football — ESPN has Austin Peay-Central Arkansas Saturday night at 9 ET — Labor Day weekend with plenty of action to keep you guys gambling and busy.

In NFL news, I hope you’re not a Jets fan. The NY Post paints a bleak picture for the Jets offense with today’s report that the first team offense was shut out during an intrasquad game. It gets worse — the starting defense gave up 20 points to the backup offense. Do with that what you may. The Sam Darnold experiment could be over after year three if this keeps up.

And finally this morning, Florio’s cheering the Abbott Laboratories 15-minute COVID test. Mike actually wrote “here’s some good news” in a post. Football can’t get here fast enough.

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