Eli Manning Bites It While Filming His Kids On The Slopes

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Eli Manning, who turned 40 in January, has been busy doing the dad thing since retiring from the NFL. He’s been raising kids, making commercials with Peyton and recording himself biting it while trying to get footage of his kids skiing down an undisclosed slope.

As for what Eli’s up to away from the slopes, he’s been coaching some youth basketball and apparently looking to find some sort of role with the Giants. New York sportswriter Gary Myers reported in late January that Eli was sniffing around the team’s headquarters.

“Eli told me he stopped by NYG offices last week to say hi to trainers, video people & equipment staff & visited with John Mara. Eli expressed an interest to Mara to work for NYG and they’re going to carve out a role. Best guess: Mentoring players. No coaching,” Myers tweeted.

It sounds like the guy is starting to get bored trying to figure out something to do on a daily basis. Eli’s 40. He needs some structure to his work weeks. You can only have so many ski slope days, golf days and garage beers with the neighbors days before you need a job to keep you busy.


Written by Joe Kinsey

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