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Election Night: Media Winners and Losers

Total70 While we wait to learn the winner of the 2020 presidential election, we are calling out the winners and losers from last night in the media. Here we go: Loser: Joy Reid I don’t care whom you voted for, which party you support or what news network you consume. Joy Reid is shameful. She’s More





Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers any news story that deserves attention but focuses on media. His interests include reading Stephen King novels, avoiding traffic on the road, and pretending to solve true-crime mysteries. He still believes Cersei should've won and encourages everyone to always question the news.


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  1. We all lost last night, some more than others. Disgusted with my PA state officials, who happen to be Dems, and the annual corruption in Philadelphia….mamma Mia, I hope Trump continues his quest.

  2. I watched Fox for short periods (mainly to see Hemmer work the map). I can’t stomach Chris Wallace, Donna Brazille, and Juan Williams. Followed Newsmax for most of the evening. I’ve heard that Wisconsin recorded 120,000 more ballots than actual registered voters. Hope it true. The Trump team has already filed several lawsuits.

  3. Everyone that voted for Biden truly hates America and is obviously uneducated, uninformed sheeple. All they need to look at is how California and China are run. Pelosi will wait about 3 months, then use the 25th Amendment of Biden, saying he’s not competent enough to run the country, then she’ll hand over the reigns to Kamala and together they’ll start to turn America into California.

  4. Wallace lost all credibility at that debate. Straight partisan deuchbag. U can tell he thinks Trump’s a big bad bully. Wallace is a pussy. Juan Williams has to go. I get Fox wanting a voice for the other side but this dude is a moron. Way out of his league last night. You could tell the other panel members were wondering what the fuck he was talking about. And I get he’s a liberal. But to this day he suggests that the rioting and looting throughout the country was primarily caused by right wing groups like the Proud Boys. He loses any credibility he might have when he says stupid shit like that. I’m sure there’s a black liberal who they can get who can articulate a position without sounding like a fucking idiot all the time.

    • You clearly don’t understand Lachlan Murdock’s vision for the new, more objective Fox News Channel. Ever since Rupert retired FNC has been on a downhill slide. Wallace and Williams are insufferable prigs while Baier has been in DC so long he now feels compelled to give the Dims the the benefit of the doubt, while trying to roast Reps.

  5. Been a fan of Dana Perino for a long long time , she is fantastic.

    Here’s why…..she’s been there and done that. All these other chuckleheads who have been “covering” politics for a long time were never “in” politics.

    She is a compass for this guy.

  6. Loser: Fox News in general. They called AZ way too soon, they called Trump wins way too late. They fell all over themselves painting the rosiest picture for Biden. Wallace is vapid and insufferable. Bair and McCallum smug. The best moment was when Tucker eviscerated the media and polling over their Trump hate and contempt for most of America. Fox has been pushed to the left or at least “Never Trump” by the Murdoch sons and board member Paul Ryan. I do not want sunshine pumpers, but I expect professionalism at minimum.

    • I blame the premature calling of Arizona on Political Director Chris Stirewalt who hates Trump and constantly defends the skewed polling of decidedly more Democrats than Republicans. Still hoping the Fox News call of Arizona is proven wrong.

    • That would be phenomenal. The most needed reformation of all is that of the news media and the incursion of big Tech and its influence on the first amendment. Biden would have never gotten out of the primaries had the media done its job. And Tuesday night would have been a clear cut Trump victory. Present clear and objective information and let the people do with it what they will.

  7. I too am finding myself watching Newsmax more and more.

    O/U on the length of a Biden presidency: nine months. The family corruption that the media has tried to cover up, will suddenly be big news shortly after he is inaugurated. Either that or he will be declared mentally incompetent. Whatever it takes to get Kamala to be president, the media along with Nancy and Cryin’ Chuck will do.

  8. I can remember when Juan Williams had his own opinions and didn’t spew the Democrat daily talking points. As far as Dana Perino goes anyone that says h-e- double hockey sticks instead of hell on air loses a little credibility with me.

  9. Thank God I’m old. I won’t have to watch what becomes of this country. Smartly, the leftists are indoctrinating the kids so they’ll never know what they are missing, the greatest country the world has ever known. I suppose this is how it has always been. Other places have started similarly to the U.S.A then bit by bit, piece by piece citizens have given away their liberties for a hot cup of soup and sooner or later you have the Soviet Union and citizens are begging for a hot cup of soup.

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