Eddie Van Halen Dies at 65

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Eddie Van Halen, the legendary rock star, has died at the age of 65 after a long battle with cancer. His son announced the news on Tuesday:

Eddie Van Halen recently gave a rare interview to the site The Hard Times about playing in the band with his son.

If you are looking to remember him either on a walk, at your desk or on a smart TV, here is a full concert:

Taken from YouTube, here is the track list and time stamps:

01. 0:00:47 – “Poundcake”
02. 0:06:05 – “Judgement Day”
03. 0:11:07 – “Man on a Mission”
04. 0:16:45 – “When It’s Love”
05. 0:22:05 – “In ‘n’ Out”
06. 0:27:12 – “Right Now”
0:33:12 – INTERVIEW (Michael Anthony)
07. 0:33:55 – “Ultra Bass” (Bass Solo by Mike)
08. 0:38:59 – “Pleasure Dome”
09. 0:40:48 – “Drum Solo” (by Alex)
0:48:46 – INTERVIEW (Alex Van Halen)
10. 0:50:05 – “Spanked”
11. 0:55:06 – “Runaround”
12: 1:00:08 – “Finish What Ya Started”
1:06:06 – INTERVIEW (Sammy Hagar)
13. 1:06:48 – “Eagles Fly” (by Sammy)
1:12:41 – INTERVIEW (Eddie Van Halen)
14. 1:13:22 – “316” (Guitar Solo by Eddie)
15. 1:27:06 – “You Really Got Me” (1:29:14 – “Cabo Wabo”)
16. 1:35:00 – “The Dream Is Over”
17. 1:40:16 – “Jump”
18. 1:44:30 – “Top of the World”
1:48:11 – FINALE!

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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  1. He literally changed guitar and rock as much as Jimmi Hendrix and jimmy paige combined.

    He would take apart the picups and rebuild them to create Van Halen’s iconic sound.

    I will never forget Eddie and Sammy Hagar battling electric guitars on stage. Sammy up in the rafters. Eddie sitting on an amplifier on stage. 1986-87? 5150 tour.

    RIP Eddie. 🙏

  2. 2020 has now seen the loss of the greatest rock drummer (Peart – there is no argument for anyone else) and the greatest rock guitarist (an argument can be made for a couple of others). First concert I ever attended was VH on the 1984 tour. Rest In Peace, Eddie. Where Have All The Good Times Gone, indeed.

  3. I posted about Eddie on the VIP Forum as soon as I heard. Very sad to hear. We know he battled cancer hard for several years. Rest in peace EVH, you will be missed, but your music will live on. Our condolences go out to Wolf.

  4. Man this is hard. I graduated from Arcadia High School in 1976. Arcadia is right next to Pasadena where the Van Halens started. They were our go to cover band in 1975 and 76 for Homecoming dances just before they made it big. I remember being on the homecoming planning committee and we all agreed we were so sick of having Van Halen all the time for our dances. Little did we know. RIP Eddie.

  5. No musician has had a bigger impact upon my life. Eddie Van Halen was sublime. He was thunder. He was creativity and innovation. He was an otherworldly master of music and the guitar.


  6. A real bummer. Eddie was in my mind equal to Hendrix and anyone else. This cat was a complete original and dare I say inspired more future players than anyone else. Was in middle school when the first record came out and was completely into it. I’ve been to the edge baby!
    RIP Eddie.

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