Ed Orgeron Denies Saying What Was Attributed to Him in Derrius Guice Story

Earlier this week, USA Today published a story in which two women said that former LSU running back Derrius Guice, who was recently released by the Washington football team following domestic violence allegations, sexually assaulted them when they were freshmen at LSU.

There was a passage where one of the accuser’s former boyfriend said the following:

The former boyfriend redshirted his freshman year and said he steered clear of Guice because “I probably would have lost my (expletive) on him.” He said LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron brought up the subject of his then-girlfriend and Guice about a year after the alleged assault, telling the athlete he shouldn’t be bothered by it. 

“(Orgeron) said, ‘Everybody’s girlfriend sleeps with other people,’ ” the former player told USA TODAY. 

On Twitter, Orgeron has denied that this is what he said in the interaction:

We will monitor if the former player ultimately comes forward and rebuts this account from Coach Orgeron.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. If all true and not sure that even matters anymore Coach will pay a price that Guice will never have to experience. If he was good he would still have a job. How’s life Joe Mixon. She called you what. Bust that jaw dog. The media (and liberals) don’t show by their actions that they care about women. Remember the brilliant ad rollout about the Republicans war on women. Who led that Bill Clinton, Weiner, a Kennedy? Was it Mark Cuban or Adam Silver who expelled Cuban from the NBA (never mind I know). You lying frauds. I can hear the keyboards feverishly typing out a scathing rebuke to those who abuse women. Breathlessly working to put an end to the abuse. Oh, another Trump sucks piece has to be submitted first. Ok Mike Florio and Peter King and whatever loser keeps looking the other way. Sure thing, we’ll wait. Hey Pat Forde or Chris Mannix when you get done blasting Trump how about a hand up to the women of this world. I’m telling you it will make you feel better. Defend the sometime defenseless. You can do it.
    Coach O tread carefully. The media hates republicans, football and fake cares about women and LGBT. You’ve got a bit of a stew cooking. Best of luck.

  2. Joshua, just frustration with how things are handled. What Mark Cuban did (may still be) in operating a corrosive environment to women was a disgrace by all accounts. He’s young, hip and liberal as a MOFO so he ain’t going nowhere. Ever hear the woke NBA talk about respect for women. Not much on that front. Sterling got tossed (rightly so) for being racist in his words against men of color. Not for being a slumlord with similar attitude which should have done the trick. Mark Cuban should be exited as well. Frustrating to see how if you fail against blacks and to a lesser extent the LGBT community you’re finished. Against women – better be a video and you better be average or washed up to see consequence.

  3. Isn’t this a matter that should be settled in a courtroom? Why does the public need to know? Why do the details of active cases make it into the media before a court has had a chance to hear and rule? This practice has been going on for decades, USA Today is just the norm, but it still baffles me. This can literally ruin people’s lives who may be innocent. This trifling with justice is part of the reason the public distrusts media so much.

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