Eagles Need to Stop Trying to Make Carson Wentz Happen

Carson Wentz was once a young, promising franchise quarterback. The only thing that held back the North Dakota State product were injuries. But we are all adjusting to a new world in 2020, and Wentz isn’t “that guy” anymore — at least not right now.

It’s time to go with a different approach.

Stories came out of Philadelphia about Jalen Hurts’ practice reps this week, and we thought it was time to see them for ourselves. Unfortunately for us, we were wrong.

Instead, the Eagles (3-7-1) dropped another loss, this time to the Seattle Seahawks (8-3) on Monday Night Football. The final score of 23-17 looks respectable, but it took a garbage time touchdown pass from Wentz to get there.

Hurts logged two snaps and completed his only pass attempt for six yards. Instead, we watched Wentz average 4.8 yards per attempt, get sacked six times and throw another interception to add to his league-leading 15 on the season.

Yes, Philadelphia’s offensive line is atrocious. And yes, the perimeter weapons at receiver are … less than stellar. But Wentz just isn’t playing well right now.

What does Doug Pederson think he is achieving by leaving Wentz out there? Does he think things will all of a sudden click with the former No. 2 overall pick, and he’ll become that franchise guy again? The more likely scenario is that Wentz continues to spiral to the point of no return.

We are seeing that play out right before our very eyes.

For those who missed the game, this throw is a perfect representation of how things went for Wentz and the Philly offense on Monday night:

Can you imagine how bad things would be if Eagles fans were allowed in the stands? The boos would have already reached a fevered pitch — and rightfully so.

People blame everyone and everything around Wentz, but he is playing terrible football. It’s an issue that continues week after week.

Will Hurts be better? We don’t really know. It is possible that he could be just as bad. But we do know one thing: he can’t be any worse.

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Written by Clint Lamb

Clint Lamb is a College Football Writer for OutKick. Managing Editor for Roll Tide Wire. Sports radio host for The Bullpen on 730/103.9 The UMP. Co-host for The 'Bama Beat podcast through The Tuscaloosa News and TideSports.com.


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  1. Peterson and Nagy….coaching tree buddies. Wentz and Trubisky….#2 pick pals. I’m a Bears fan (except right now) and for a second I thought I was watching Trubisky last night. Eagles and Bears are almost carbon copies….really good defenses with stubborn head coaches, rare open receivers, swiss cheese for offensive lines and QB’s that , well…..suck

  2. I guess you can put Hurts in to feel like you’re doing something, be he’s not giving you a better chance to win. Sure he can scramble, but so does Wentz. Hurts can’t throw any better, or he’d have been a high draft pick. Changing QBs on a bad team is rearranging furniture on the Titanic. It’s useless. That’s called slot machine management, where you just haphazardly try random crap with no idea what’s going to happen to look like you’re leading. Coaches who do that are just worried about themselves, and you don’t want them around.

    Hurts CAN help if he can catch a pass or get open against man coverage. Notice in the example used in this article to trash Wentz, how the defense covers the WRs. They sit 5 yards off the line of scrimmage and let them all run right to them. The Seahawks did that all night long, because they know Eagles WR were no threat. You can’t win in the NFL with receivers who can’t beat corners. It means the D can blitz at will, they don’t have to drop 7-8 to coverage, and that’s why Wentz is getting sacked more than anyone in the NFL. Bench the receivers first.

    • Absolutely agree. I don’t understand how certain players get vilified by the media yet others get the benefit of the doubt. Wentz certainly missed reads last night (as pointed out by the greatest QB of all time, in his own mind, Brian Griese last night) but he has no time to make the reads so he’s rushing everything, and these WR’s do not have the talent or the ability to make separation off the line so he has no one to throw it to.

  3. This year the Eagles (and Cowboys) fans are living what the Giants have for the last five, watching horrific offensive line play. Forget his career, Bobby Hart took years off Eli Manning’s life. A good offensive line covers for mediocre receivers and backs.

    Wentz is trying to compensate for the lack of talent around him and can’t do it while he’s constantly getting pummeled. They should switch to Hurts only to save Wentz from the fate of Joe Burrow.

  4. The guy was running for his life out there last night. He had no time in the pocket, and its been like that all year. So in my opinion he’s just feeling rushed (even when he isn’t) and is rushing decisions, and not taking the time to read the defense. His receivers also cannot get open in the limited time he has which is also compounding the problem. To me, it looks like a front office problem with not being able to find talent in the draft on offense.

    If he was like this his whole career, I would agree its time for him to go but he was 9-7 last season with most of his receivers injured and had 27 TD’s to 7 Int’s, the season before was cut short by injury but was 21 to 7 and the season before that was 33 to 7 and was being considered an MVP. If the Eagles don’t want him, I will certainly take him on the Broncos!

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