Eagles Could Still Move On From Doug Pederson

It appears the Philadelphia Eagles are still deciding on coach Doug Pederson after finishing last in the NFC East — football’s worst division.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie may lack confidence in “Pederson’s vision going forward,” sources told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and Tim McManus. The owner and coach have met once since the season ended last week and are expected to do so again.

The Eagles finished 4-11-1 and along with shaky quarterback play from Carson Wentz and often appeared disorganized. A former NFL quarterback, Pederson stood behind Wentz as long as he could before changing to Jalen Hurts.

But Lurie’s concerns with Pederson could “extend well beyond” Wentz and the quarterback situation, per Mortensen and McManus.

Pederson led the Eagles to a Super Bowl-winning season in 2017. He has compiled a record of 42-37-1 overall in the regular season. So this was worst season and much of that seemed to be the result of Wentz’s season-long struggles. Moving on from the coach, at this point, seems like an overreaction.

If Lurie did decide to go that route, Pederson would almost certainly become the hottest coaching candidate available.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. Pederson is not a horrible coach but certainly is not elite. The year they won the Super Bowl they had an outstanding offensive line and good receivers including tight ends. It was a season where every decision Pederson made turned out well. He would go for first downs on fourth down all the time (analytics?) and succeed often.. He puffed his chest out that he was breaking new ground in the NFL. Each year since he employs the same strategy and it mostly backfires. His play calling is terrible, no consistency. Seems as if he just throws things out there. Team has a rash of injuries every year (including Super Bowl season) which leads me to believe they don’t train well and/ or practice appropriately. Any time players say they love playing for him all the time gives me pause. There is a reason Wentz regressed substantially. Pederson is an ex QB. Need to get rid of him and more importantly, Howie Roseman.

  2. If Mr. Lurie decides to get rid of Doug Pederson he should stop to think of how many recent Super Bowl winners he has access to. Doug Pederson spent a lot of his 2020 team record backing Carson Wentz. The QB deserves another venue if he doesn’t want to play backup to whoever wins the job. I happen to be a fan of Jalen Hurts, but he has much to learn. I think Doug Pederson should have told the entire team about his plan for “Suddy”. Pittsburgh can sit down 20% of its offense to make sure it gets a ‘patsy’ in the wild card game and nobody ‘makes a face’ — and the Eagles had far less to play for against the “WFT”.

  3. 2019 they gutted it out and got to the playoffs with all their starting RBs, WRs injured. This year they had the same scenario except with the O-line being injured, their regressive QB and new QB were sacked 65 times. 65 sacks. Their WRs still suck and are injured, but the brilliant GM (every pundit always talks about how stacked their rosters are) used a 1st round pick for potential instead of production. Let’s see how their saving grace, the defense goes now that their DC is gone. If I were Pederson I would hope to be fired, because , things are going get hectic.

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