Dwyane Wade’s Support of Nick Cannon’s Anti-Semitic Comments Proves He’s a Hypocrite

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Dwayne Wade tweeted, “We are with you. Keep leading” to Nick Cannon.

I don’t know if you have been following this story but Nick Cannon was fired by Viacom for making anti-semitic comments that were similar to what Desean Jackson said.

Nick Cannon was fired and social justice warrior extraordinaire Dwayne Wade went out Twitter tweeted “We are with you. Keep leading” with a black fist held up for Nick Cannon.

He has since deleted that tweet but this is totally ridiculous and crazy.

It points to the hypocrisy out there which has been exposed in the last couple weeks of many social justice activists.

They don’t want to hold themselves to the same standard that they are theoretically holding to everyone else.

So how in the world do they, in any way, hope to be social justice warriors when they are not standing up to China and when the NFL and NBA have both been exposed to have anti-semitic leanings which are pretty significant.

I don’t know what Dwayne Wade is thinking.  He has been out there as a social justice warrior.

The story about Nick Cannon is pretty straightforward.  If one of your friends is in trouble publicly, it is easy to send a text message and say, “I have your back. I know how tough this can be.”

But I don’t know what Dwayne Wade could have possibly been thinking a couple hours ago when he decided to go on Twitter “We’re with you. Keep leading.”  He has since deleted it.

I really haven’t paid attention to the Nick Cannon story because I don’t really care one way or the other about Nick Cannon.

But for Dwayne Wade, who has been trying to be a social justice warrior leader for the NBA, to not be able to see that anti-semitic comments which work against his overall goals in life, this is really a bad look for Dwayne Wade.

What was he thinking in the first place?

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    • It’s bizarre. He said white people don’t have souls or compassion and are closer to animals, basically subhuman, because they lack melanin… I guess it was so crazy people ignored it? Don’t think that’s a healthy approach though.

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