Dwayne Johnson Buys A House For Struggling UFC Fighter

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson isn’t just a hero in the movies.

The actor and retired WWE superstar surprised UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo with the gift of a brand new home this week. Johnson said he felt inspired by Gorimbo, who had previously shared that he had only $7 in his bank account after his first UFC win.

The Rock posted a video Thursday of him surprising Gorimbo at a gym, and then taking him to a house he’d purchased for the 32-year-old in Miami.

Is someone cutting onions in here?

Gorimbo, a native of Zimbabwe, had been sleeping on a couch at the gym where he trains. He previously sold his gear and used his UFC earnings to help build a well so that his native village would have safe drinking water.

The welterweight fighter planned to save up more money to bring his family to the United States and buy them a home. But, thanks to The Rock, that second part is taken care of.

“This place is yours. You don’t have to think about anything,” Johnson told him. “The only thing you think about is your family, getting them over here, getting them with you, your training and becoming champion.”

Themba Gorimbo’s Story Catches Attention Of Dwayne Johnson

Back in May ESPN shared a story about the budding UFC fighter having just $7.49 in his bank account.

Johnson said he recalls having just $7 to his name as a young man in Miami. Of course, that was before he became one of the biggest stars in wrestling and — later — in Hollywood. He even went on to name his company Seven Bucks Production, which has produced many of his films and his sitcom Young Rock.

“This is f’n crazy to see and brings back many emotions and memories,” Johnson tweeted in response to reading Gorimbo’s story in June. “$7.49 in this fighter’s bank account. I once had $7 bucks too. I’ve been there on that grind. Got your back, brother. I’ll help.”

Johnson said he will lease the home and pay for all expenses as long as Gorimbo wants to live there.

“The guy works his ass off. He has such a singular focus and a goal, and he’s sleeping on the couch in the gym. He’s so committed,” The Rock said. “I am lucky and blessed to be able to shake that man’s hand and be a very small part in his seven bucks journey.”

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