Dustin Johnson’s Big Day, Cam Busts Out A Fez & Peyton Manning At The Masters

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Remember when the Titans were comfortably in the playoffs?

The Titans are now on the bubble in the new seven-team conference playoff setup. If you want chaos to figure out the AFC playoffs, there’s a very good chance you’re going to get it in Week 17. The Steelers and Chiefs are in. The rest is a huge battle, and it’s going to be glorious. The Dolphins are surging, and that January 3 game against the Bills would be a game I would’ve attended if COVID never came to town. That is the most fascinating game on the NFL schedule right now. Tua in a possible blizzard is compelling theater.

In the NFC, the Detroit Lions needed a 59-yard field goal, which they got, and now they’re suddenly in the playoff picture at 4-5. The Seahawks are a playoff team with the NFL’s worst defense. The Cardinals are up to a 66% probability of making the playoffs, thanks to a crazy Hail Mary. And the Eagles (3-5-1) lose to the Giants and still lead the East. The NFC is a straight-up mess. The Rams have the best scoring defense in the conference, and that just might be enough to run the table to the Super Bowl.

• I started a petition to keep Jim Harbaugh at Michigan. It’s beautiful what they have going on in Ann Arbor. Keep in mind, Jim has never lost to this week’s opponent Rutgers (5-0). This should be a nice rebound week.

• Uh oh…“I was very comfortable,” Jameis Winston said after replacing Drew Brees, who went down with a ribs injury. The NFC is officially on notice.

• Where does Will Muschamp go from here? That intern position Butch Jones had at Alabama?

• I’ve started the research into indoor golf simulators because Clay doesn’t pay me enough for the full-blown simulators. I’m looking at something like SkyTrak. Let me know if you guys have any experience in this world. I need to swing clubs this winter so I can take the next step with my game (under 90) heading into next season.

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  1. Peyton looks stupid with the mask and Cam is super styling adding color and excitement to otherwise boring stupid reporters dumb ass questions oh and Paulina needs to hit the keto for awhile shed some lbs

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