Drunk Woman Named Booze Crashes Into Taco Bell

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Kanisha Booze, a Florida resident, isn’t all that different from the rest of us. After a couple of daddy sodas she craves the cheese and comfort of Taco Bell’s most mouth-watering delicacies. Unfortunately for the appropriately named, Booze, she crashed into a Taco Bell, sped off and was ultimately arrested for drunk driving.

Per The Smoking Gun, the incident occurred near her home in St. Petersburg, Florida. Booze’s car first kissed a tree, then made its way into a Taco Bell sign, before completing the trifecta by striking a water meter on the property. Unbothered, Booze sped off and cruised through a couple of red lights before being arrested for driving drunk.

In an interesting twist, the TBell sign Booze did a number on just so happens to be the property of the very place that employs her. That should make for an awkward conversation on her first day back at the Bell. Odds say she keeps her gig: per the New York Post, Booze has seven previous convictions of driving without a license in addition to grand theft.

Her most recent run for the border resulted in charges of driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended or revoked license. She refused a breath test. After posting $1,750 bond she was released from jail.

In a situation like this, you have to ensure the juice is worth the squeeze. With potential drunken quesadillas at stake, I think Booze’s risky decision can be easily justified.





Written by Anthony Farris

Anthony is a former high school basketball intramural champion who played a leading role in creating two offspring. He spends his weekends hoping for an MTV Rock N' Jock revival.

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  1. Her resume speaks for itself: Booze has seven previous convictions of driving without a license in addition to grand theft. Her actions are consistent with her resume. The truth will set you free.

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