Driver Crashed His Car Attempting To Jump It Off Of A Car Carrier

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There’s reckless driving then there’s complete insanity. The man driving a Nissan Maxima in Florida on Wednesday night cranked the insanity all the way up.

He came upon a car carrier with its ramp down and attempted to jump his car off of it. The man described as “middle-age” must have thought he was going to drive up the ramp, go flying over the front of the car carrier, and continue on his merry way.

Florida Man Crashes Car on Car Carrier
Car crashed on a car carrier ramp (Image Credit: Venice FL Fire Rescue/Facebook)

That did not happen. He crashed his car on top of the ramp and had to have the local fire department stabilize his vehicle, which was hanging off of the carrier, before he could exit it.

The Venice FL Fire Rescue shared a picture of the crash scene on Facebook and provided a play-by-play account of the situation.

The social media post reads, “Venice Fire Rescue received a call around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday for a vehicle accident near the intersection of Pinebrook Rd. and Pinebrook Way. A Nissan Maxima traveling south on Pinebrook Rd. drove up a car carrier and crashed near the top, leaving it hanging over the edge precariously close to falling off.”

If You’re Going To Crash Your Car You Might As Well Go All Out

“When units arrived on scene they found a middle-age male sitting inside the vehicle uninjured,” the post continued.

“The male driver was told to remain still until crews could stabilize the vehicle. Crews used industrial straps to secure the front of the vehicle to the car carrier, then had a wrecker stabilize it from the rear. Once this was accomplished, the driver was safely extricated from the vehicle.

“The were no injuries and the scene was turned over to Venice Police for investigation. The driver was cited by VPD for careless driving.

“The car carrier was dropping off a vehicle to a nearby resident when the accident occurred. The car carrier was parked with its hazards on, under a streetlight with the ramp down when the vehicle struck it.”

Florida Man Crashes Car on Car Carrier

There is no mention of whether or not the man was trying to jump his car off of the car carrier. It is possible that this was just an accident.

I saw that it took place in Florida, that it involved a middle-age man, that there was no mention of an arrest for DUI, and assumed it was on purpose.

I’m still leaning towards the man thinking he was going to jump the carrier Dukes of Hazard style. He clearly forgot he wasn’t driving the General Lee and that he isn’t one of the Duke boys.

Florida Man Crashes Car on Car Carrier
General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard (GIF Credit: Tenor)

Written by Sean Joseph

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