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It finally stopped raining!

Hey Mother Nature, how about you let it dry out around here a little bit before pummeling us like you did over the last three days. Deal? The weather has been so crazy that I’ve turned to watching documentaries on construction projects back in my birthplace of Dayton, Ohio. I watched an hour of construction guys rebuilding the Dayton Arcade, a massive complex of buildings in downtown that had sat vacant for about 30 years.

Then I was sucked into patents filed by Daytonians. I knew the city was full of innovators and had read quite a bit about the subject in the past, but the older I get, the more my mind is blown over just how many important patents came from Dayton. We all know about the Wright Bros., but then you have things like the cash register, self-starting automobiles and the pop tops on cans.

Those are the headliners. Some of the patents I had no knowledge of include cigarette filters, an artificial kidney, artificial heart, radar detector, ice cube tray, two-cycle diesel engine, microfiche, motorized wheelchair, stepladder, stress test electrode, ice cream cone.

Talk about being proud of where you were born, even if the hospital where you were born is torn down. This is what you caused, Mother Nature. I went back down the Dayton rabbit hole. I was even watching urban explorers go through the rundown remnants of Grub Steak on N. Main Street. Speaking of patents, Joe Bissett, the founder of Grub Steak got a patent in 1969 for filet strips on sticks. That’s right, ribs on sticks. Seriously!

That was my Tuesday night. Now the sun is sorta back out, and it’s time to get outside to see the world again. I might even get crazy and plan some golf this week. It’s been three weeks since the Michigan trip, and I’m starting to get the itch again.

• I wanted to make sure this report from Rob M. was acknowledged because I think Rob might have a sneaky great patio operation on his hands. Look at those Natty keg tap caps:

A few pics from my first foray into the league. Normally I work Thursday nights so my lawn gets mowed on Friday morning, however, due to the storm this week, I was able to come off the bench (like a position player pitching in the eighth inning of a blow out ) and participate. Thank you for all of the great work you’re doing at OutKick! It is truly appreciated!

• Remember how lumber was supposed to be dropping, and I told you guys I wasn’t seeing it at my local Lowe’s? Yeah, well Fox Business is reporting that it was a head fake because suppliers aren’t done selling the expensive boards they bought when the lumber market was at all-time highs. That’s right, we need homebuilders to buy up all the expensive boards so us weekend warriors can get back to building shelves and bars.

• What was the most commented, most controversial, highest engagement piece of content around town on Tuesday? It had to be this from downtown Toledo.

UPDATE: Witnesses have told authorities that the George Floyd mural on the side of this building at Summit and Lagrange was struck by lightning before it collapsed. >> https://bit.ly/3hCmvu7

Posted by 13abc on Tuesday, July 13, 2021

• It’s time for the 8U house league playoffs, and it’s win-or-go-back-to-enjoying-summertime for my son and his teammates. He’s facing his best friend’s team in the first round so there could be some emotions, especially between the parents! I feel like the losing parents have to provide the margaritas and tacos at the next neighborhood party.

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