Drew Brees Doesn’t Look Like A Guy Who’s Retiring

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New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton said quarterback Drew Brees would likely make an announcement about his career within a week, but that was about a month ago.

“I think within the next week, week and a half, we’ll get a little bit more information relative to Drew,” Payton said on Feb. 4. “We’ll wait on Drew’s announcement.”

In a Saturday video, the New Orleans signal-caller did not look like an individual about to end his tenure with the NFL.

The video, posted by his trainer, includes some of the below commentary:

“Drew, what are you doing? OK, he’s never done that!” Brees’ trainer Todd Durkin said. “Don’t know what he’s doing … Never quite been done before! … You needed a challenge … That’s a new record because it’s never been done before!”

Could Brees be coming back for another season?

Brees was also expected to retire last offseason before signing a two-year contract.

“Last year, he went into the Saints coaching staff at the Pro Bowl and they cried because that was his last game. He was retiring,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said on The Rich Eisen Show this week. “And then he took some time off and lo and behold he came back in March.”

But this time, things may not be the same.

Schefter said he isn’t necessarily saying the QB is coming back.

“I still think he will retire,” Schefter said. “I don’t think these things are black-and-white and he’s ready to go out the door just yet, even though I ultimately think that will be the decision.”

Before the 2020 season, Brees signed a two-year, $50 million deal with the Saints in which he was set to make $25 million each season.

In February, Brees restructured his contract to give the Saints more cap space — the move gives the team $24 million to work with, Yahoo Sports reports.

With his retirement decision pending, Brees reportedly decided to restructure his 2021 salary to a little over $1 million — the league minimum — which may indicate a different scenario than years past.

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