Draymond Green Is Sorry For Using Racial Slur Toward Kendrick Perkins

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Draymond Green is sorry for using a racial slur to describe ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins.

On Sunday, Green released a podcast episode about the media personalities he hates most, name-dropping Skip Bayless, Brian Windhorst, and Perkins.

Green took issue with Perkins criticizing black players while on ESPN.

“[You went] from being enforcer to c*on,” Green said of Perkins. “How does that happen? At least you act like an enforcer. I didn’t really ever take you for one.”

Green now regrets using that word. He discussed on his podcast Wednesday:

“The other day when I was speaking, I used a word that carries a racial connotation. When I used the word, I could have very well replaced the word with clown. I could have very well replaced the word with idiot, moron. I could have replaced the word with anything and continued in stride. And the word that I’m speaking of is I used the word c*on, as you know, for me, I don’t hide behind anything.”

Green adds, “I can admit right here that I was wrong. And regardless of how I may use the word with my friends or how, um, you know, that word may be perceived anywhere else in the world, it was wrong here.”

Now, Green ought to apologize to Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, who he called a racist last month.

For a reminder: Green accused Russo of making a racial undertone after jokingly telling Green to complain less. And Green didn’t stop there. Next, he took out of context a story in which Russo used the n-word at nine years old. Russo is now 62.

Green says he is “new media” and not like the guys on ESPN. However, he sure race-baits like the current batch of sports media pundits.

Good chance Green won’t remain sorry for long, as he’s likely to make something else about race on his next podcast episode.

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