Draymond Green Calls Out Celtics Fans, Loved Seeing Them ‘Suffer’ During Game 7 Loss To Heat

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Draymond Green and Boston Celtics fans have a history with one another, so when the Celtics fell at home in Game 7 to the Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors’ big man enjoyed every second of it.

Green and Boston fans had a run-in during last year’s NBA Finals when C’s fans unleashed a plethora of ‘fu-k you, Draymond’ chants after he and Jaylen Brown got into it during Game 2.


Green certainly hasn’t forgotten his experience inside TD Garden from a year ago, so took some time to bathe in the tears of Celtics fans after the team lost Game 7.

“It did not hurt me to watch the Boston Celtics fans suffer. Those people were really rude to me last year and I like to see them suffer,” Green said.

“Boston Celtics fans will make excuses, and I’m not hearing any of that (expletive). Because y’all rude and I’m happy y’all lost. Not happy JT (Jayson Tatum) lost, but Boston Celtics fans, especially those of you in that arena, I’m happy y’all lost. 

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Draymond Green didn’t mind seeing the Celtics lose to the Heat in Game 7. (Getty Images)

After Green called out Boston fans, he also criticized the Celtics as a team that “did not look like they were ready for the moment.”

It’s certainly tough to argue with Green’s opinion there, Boston looked horrendous on its home floor against the Heat during its 103-84 loss.

While the Celtics’ offseason started earlier than they were hoping for, the Heat are preparing to take on the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals as just the second eight seed to ever punch its ticket to the championship series.

Written by Mark Harris

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