Dramatic Braves Go Up 2-0: ‘These Guys Never Quit’

A new drama has recently hit TV sets across America, and it features the Atlanta Braves. For the second consecutive night, Atlanta has bested the Dodgers via a ninth-inning walk off hit, giving the Braves a commanding, if unexpected, 2-0 series lead over star-studded L.A.

Though they faced a two-run deficit twice during the game, Atlanta was able to chop their way back for another dramatic win, thanks to their resilience.

“These guys never quit,” manager Brian Snitker said following the game.

The game was tied in the bottom of the ninth with one on and two out when Eddie Rosario’s base knock up the middle scored Dansby Swanson, sending the Dodgers back to L.A. in a 2-0 hole and Braves fans to the pub for stress-relieving spirits.

“You better not leave early when this team is down, because you’ll end up missing the best part of the game and listening to it on your radio when you’re driving home,” added Snitker.

Though back-to-back walk off wins are far from the norm, a 2-0 series lead isn’t uncharted territory. Atlanta led these same Dodgers 2-0 last fall, only to lose in seven games.

“We were up on them 2-0 last year, so it’s like one of those things where you can’t stop now,” said Austin Riley, the hero of Game 1. “You got to continue to apply the pressure and come out every day and get after it.”

“We all have that dream, that desire to get to the World Series,” he added. “That’s just what we’re going for.”

The dream continues with Game 3 Tuesday night in Los Angeles. If it’s anything like the first two games of the series, it’ll definitely be must-see TV.




Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. I had a feeling the Dodgers would regret doing the bullpen game in game one, but I didn’t realize it would hurt so fast like it did last night. They pulled Scherzer way too quickly. You’ve got to let him go 6-7. The Dodgers are now in a bad spot. The Braves have gotten into their bullpen early exposing a weakness they will continue to exploit the rest of the series. I am not a fan of giving your opponent a full look at your bullpen early in a long series like Roberts has chosen to do. Hitters now have had two looks at their best relievers in two games and know what’s coming. That’s a mistake. If LA has a chance to come back in the series they will need two consecutive great 7+ inning outings from Buehler and Urias. If Atlanta gets into the pen from here on out in close games it’s trouble.

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