UNC QB Drake Maye Apologizes For Innocent Jab At Rival NC State, Rightfully Gets Called Out For Being Soft

North Carolina welcomes Notre Dame to Chapel Hill this weekend in a big-time matchup, but that doesn’t mean talking about rival NC State is off-limits. Tar Heels quarterback Drake Maye took the time to take an innocent, G-rated jab at his school’s rival. But then he felt the need to issue an apology.

While meeting with the media earlier this week, Maye was asked about his decision to stay in-state and sign with the Tar Heels out of high school. The redshirt freshman gave a perfectly fine answer while taking a friendly shot at the Wolfpack.

“I didn’t want to miss out on the home state, seeing Sam being a hometown kid, too. … Whether you want to admit it or not, growing up in Carolina, you’re gonna be a Carolina fan,” Maye explained. “Some people may say State, but really people who go to State just can’t get into Carolina.”

It Wasn’t Long Before Maye Walked Back The Jab

There was absolutely nothing wrong with his comments, but given that we’re living in the year 2022, Drake Maye felt the need to apologize for his joke about NC State.

I get that Maye wants to be as perfect as humanly possible, but humans aren’t perfect, and friendly trash talk between two rivals is what makes rivalries so great.

This is just the latest example of how soft sports, and America in general, have become.

Maybe North Carolina told Maye to issue an apology, which would be on-brand for the left-leaning university, but nevertheless, it’s a bad look.

People with a pulse called Maye out for issuing an apology that wasn’t needed.

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Written by Mark Harris


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  1. Mark, I totally DISAGREE with your take on this. I am a UNC alum although I am estranged from my alma mater over its overt Liberal Wokiness … have been for several decades. … and I live in Raleigh so WELL acquainted with the rivalry. … Its the same Frat Boys versus Farm Boys rivalry that one finds aTm / Texas … MichState/UM … et al … fan bases trading the same lame jokes for the past 75 years … yawn. … Fine. Leave the lame insults to the goggle-eyed spittle-spewing “fan boys” that invest the fan websites. The no-lifers that inhabit every fan base.
    Last month UNC’s WBB Coach made similar stupid comments about NCState and quickly was ordered to apologize … the same process happened yesterday. …. Oh and comments about NCState academics from a representative of the institution that perpetrated THE GREATEST Athletic Eligibility SCANDAL in NCAA History is more than lame.
    Leave the stoopid crap comments to the “fan boys” / the “board monkeys” …. not the QB or the Coach. BL

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