Dr. Makary Tells Clay Travis The Public Wants Honesty, Scientific Facts

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Dr. Makary joined Clay Travis to discuss the top ten states to have COVID-related issues at the highest level, which Clay highlighted are all states with high vaccination rates.

Dr. Makary pointed out that the message is very clear, “the vaccine in people who are at risk downgrades the severity of illness and we still really have not heard that message.”

The OutKick founder also touched on kids in masks and kids getting vaccinated with Dr. Makary, who voiced that “people are just ignoring [the] data.”

Watch Clay Travis’ full discussion with Dr. Makary here:

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  1. It’s hard for me to listen to someone who says that the jab prevents severe illness on the at risk population. Where is the data to support that in a real study? And by real, I mean by one that’s not run by compromised scientists and doctors. If you want to know why you can’t trust a study from anyone that’s captured by the pharma industry including the NIH, CDC, the Gates Foundation or the WHO (which includes JAMA and NE Journal of Medicine), read RFK’s book, the real Anthony Fauci. Then read Alex Berenson’s book Pandemia. The medical system is severely compromised and needs to be completely restructured, including hospitals, academia and our health agencies. They are a corrupt joke.

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