Dana Loesch Reacts to Claims that Jill Biden’s Dr-Gate is ‘Sexist’

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Over the weekend, Joseph Epstein argued in the Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled “Is There a Doctor in the White House? Not if You Need an M.D.” that Jill Biden should drop the Dr. honorific from her name.

Epstein says that Biden’s use of the honorific is both “fraudulent” and “comical.” Jill Biden has gone by Dr. Biden since earning her doctorate in, wait for it, education from the University of Delaware 15 years ago.

As expected, the media couldn’t handle the opinion, demanded it to be removed, and labeled it “sexist.” In a tremendous segment, The First’s Dana Loesch exposed the hypocrisy. Enjoy:

“The double standard here is excruciatingly mindless,” Loesch begins. “They went after Melania Trump for everything under the sun. The Democrats like to slut-shame. ‘Oh, she took some nudie photos in her past life.'”

(That sentence is much clearer if we note that Melania Trump, a former model, is married to a Republican president while the “Dr.” in question is married to a Democratic president-elect.)

According to outlets like CNN and the New York Times, both outraged over the op-ed, it’s not sexist to go after a woman for modeling but holding the belief only medical doctors should carry the Dr. honorific is.

The WSJ piece is not sexist, and even the angry folks who can’t believe their eyes know that. The question is whether Epstein is right.

“It’s pretentious” to carry the Dr. title in this case, Loesch claims. Pretentious sums it up well.

Ever notice it’s always those with doctorates in education, film studies, or some study no one has heard of who demand to be addressed a certain way?

Tourist: “Excuse me, sir, can you direct me to the nearest McDonald’s?”

Androgynous stranger: “Don’t you mean, ‘Can you direct me, Doctor Johnson?'”

Yeah, we’ve all been there.

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  1. I taught at a university for 40 years. 95% of the faculty were extreme leftists. Those leftist faculty with PhDs in history, sociology, political science, etc. that are now complaining about the WSJ article would always make extremely snide comments about people with doctorate degrees in education. Hypocrites

    A friend of mine who had a doctorate in accounting always told the story of his grandson asking him, ” Grandpa, are your a doctor?” His response to his grandson was ” Yes, but not the kind that can help you or any one else.”

  2. My first job was cart boy at a country club at 17. I made my own bag tag that said “Dr. Webb”.

    I still use it. Everyone laughs. Just like we all laugh at pretend doctors like Jill. She’s married to a pretend president, so she fits right in.

  3. The Whoopie take was awesome. I saw that clip tonight! Hahaha. She really thought Jill Biden was a medical doctor. She had no clue. This is actually starting to get hilarious. I saw where the NY Times referred to Jill Biden as Dr. Jill Biden 3x more than they referred to Ben Carson as a doctor. Dr. Ben Carson, an actual doctor.
    A fucking neuro surgeon. Guess that makes that rag racist as fuck. Maybe she could go with Diet Dr. Biden.

    • They also referred to him as Mr. Carson 4 times as often as they referred to Mrs. Biden. I pulled up a few NPR articles written about Dr. Carson this year. While in the opening paragraph of each one he is always introduced as the Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, the writers of each story never attribute any sort of title to him for the rest of the story. Not Dr. Carson. Not Sec. Carson. Not even Mr. Carson. Just Carson. I apologize for speaking for him, but I don’t think Ben Carson went through 4 years of Yale Med, 3 years of internship & 2 years of residency to be called Mr. Meanwhile, Jill Biden never went to med school at all, and hasn’t published an academic paper since getting her letters. Yet we are never supposed to question why she is always referred to as Dr.

  4. A PhD outside of a college lecture hall means nothing. If Jill Biden feels better about herself by wanting to use the title “Dr.” in front of her name fine. We can just laugh at her that’s all. The double standards though are mind numbing. Melania Trump was lambasted by the press for nude photos but Cardi B and Meegan Theee Stallion (Mare) are applauded for “rapping” about their wet ass pussy by liberals who think that is empowering. Hahahaha see just laugh at these clowns. That’s all one can do to stay sane.

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