Dr. Fauci Caught on Hot Mic Calling Sen. Roger Marshall a ‘Moron’

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The C-SPAN broadcast caught Dr. Anthony Fauci calling Senator Roger Marshall (R-KS) a “moron” on a hot mic.

Both Marshall and Rand Paul (R-KY) criticized Fauci during Tuesday’s Health Committee hearing focused on the COVID-19 response. Marshall challenged Fauci to submit to Congress and the public a “financial disclosure that includes past and current investments.”

Fauci insists his investments are already public and Marshall only has to ask for the documents:

Here’s the hot mic moment:

“What a moron,” Fauci mumbles. “Jesus Christ.”

If you question Dr. Fauci, not only are you questioning science but you are also a moron. So don’t do it. Ever. Remember that.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Scott Atlas is a Stanford professor, a physician, a scholar, and served as advisor to Trump . He worked with Fauci, Birx and the whole gang up there. Ironically , on his interview with Tucker Carlson he said he was shocked at the incompetence he heard from that group of “scientists” advising on Covid. He said they never made data or fact based recommendations, and never cited studies supporting their positions. He said he had never worked with such a low level of scientist and he’s worked with a lot. So when you hear Fauci calling someone else a moron keep that in mind. You can go watch the interview with Atlas yourself on Fox Nation if you have it.

    • Oh you’re gonna see a whole bunch of these swamp monsters retire just like all the house Dems and Nancy’s slimey ass.

      They don’t care

      Half these old fucks are 80+ years old and they know they will never be held accountable because of legal bullshit and they are Dems.

  2. This career lying pos unelected bureaucrat is a real piece of work lost all credibility long ago in his 80s just fucking go away misinformation flip flopping time to perp walk lying to congress is a crime and he has repeatedly smfh

  3. Fauci got pisseddddd today when they really went for the jugular. He’s an absolute maniacal dog torturing worthless sack of human filth that we should be giving the same treatment to that the POS somalis gave to one of our Marine helicopter pilots in that interventionist disaster…..just saying

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