Dr. Fauci and Chris Wallace Team Up to Blame Trump for COVID Deaths, Their Troubles

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Dr. Fauci returned from hiding last month to warn that he may soon demand a return to COVID protocols. We will update you when Fauci makes his official ruling.

This week, Fauci sat down with Chris Wallace on his CNN+ program, Who’s Talking. Here’s what Fauci and Wallace look like in a small room together:

First, Wallace asked Fauci to explain why Trump is to blame for COVID deaths in the US.

Wallace: “If the government had been smarter right from the start, in March of 2020 in dealing with this less, and I would say over the course of the two years, both under President Trump — and to some degree, under President Biden — less politics, more public health, could we have had a lot fewer deaths?”

Fauci: “I believe so. I believe so. I mean, I can’t quantitate it for you about how many less deaths. You can’t even model that, I don’t think. But there were certain things that were done that if they were done differently, we likely would have had… For example, when we were trying to lock down, if you use that word, that’s a very charged word for some people. Remember, when we were trying to get the 15 day and then the 30-day extension during the Trump administration, and yet he was coming out, right after we came out and I said, with Dr. Birx, ‘Let’s do the 15-30 day,’ he would get up and say, you know, ‘Liberate Virginia, liberate Michigan,’ which was just completely contrary and antithetical with what we were trying to do. But if we had really locked down, we probably wouldn’t have lost a lot of people early on.”

Next, Wallace asked Fauci, not whether Trump was difficult to deal with, but how difficult he was.

Wallace: “How tough was that, dealing with and sharing a podium with a president who … was dispensing misinformation?”

Fauci:  “Yes, it was very painful. And that’s the reason why I had to do something that I know alienated a lot of the Trump people, in fact, maybe all of the Trump people. But I had to … go to the podium and say, ‘I’m sorry, I disagree with you.'”

Fauci also said Trump’s staff was mean to him and his science.

“His staff declared war on me,” Fauci cried to Wallace. “And war on me was they did sort of opposition research on me and sent out information that I didn’t know what I was talking about,” Fauci told Wallace. “So, my position in the White House became extremely uncomfortable and, in fact, untenable, because I kept on telling the truth.”

Now, a credible interviewer would have pushed back at the notion Fauci was only “telling the truth” during the early stages of the pandemic. Fauci is a liar. But Wallace was conducting the interview, so Fauci went unchallenged.

Both Fauci and Wallace blame Trump for their lack of popularity and abysmal credibility. Yet Americans don’t need Trump to see that Fauci and Wallace are partisan hacks.

Fauci likely helped fund gain of function research in a Wuhan lab that studied bat coronavirus. You know, the actual reason people died during the pandemic.

As for Wallace, over 70 million people watched him moderate the first Trump-Biden debate in 2020. That performance, not Trump, sunk Wallace’s credibility.

Remember this?

If you want to watch the full discussion between Chris Wallace and Dr. Fauci on CNN+, you can pay $60 now and unlock all of Wallace’s content for the next year.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Just proves all along this whole fear mongering was political never about health just control fauchi is a despicable pathetic lying lifelong political hack been in govt for 40 plus years when was the last time he practiced or seen patients you tell me cuz I don’t know. And Chris Wallace is a fucking tool just like how old man was left leaning pos

  2. That a cable news network that has the smallest ratings in the business to then start up a streaming service at $60 per year to subscribe, if people aren’t watching the content from the main network on basic cable, why would the powers that be even think they could get an audience to “pay” for content, such as this, from that same network and think they can make any sort of profit from it? Obviously, someone over there is suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    At least Wallace is free to let fly his political bias without consequence, mostly because there won’t be any audience watching that will care.

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