Down 0-2, The Bucks Are Suffering From Post Traumatic Black Lives Matter Disorder, Triggered By Jacob Blake

The refs bailed out Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks Wednesday night.

Yep. You read that right. The refs saved the Greek Freak with the bogus touch foul that sent Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler to the line for the game-winning free throws with no time on the clock. 

Miami 116, Milwaukee 114. 

The 5th-seeded Heat now own a 2-0 advantage in their best-of-seven playoff series against the NBA’s best regular-season squad. 

Lucky for Giannis and the Bucks everyone will spend today talking about the sloppy officiating that first allowed Milwaukee’s Khris Middleton to knot the score at 114 with three gift-wrapped free throws and then four seconds later handed the game back to Miami.   

Milwaukee fans will likely focus their animus toward referee Marc Davis, who made both sketchy foul calls. That’s fine. But all of Milwaukee should be talking about Jacob Blake’s role in Milwaukee’s terrible start to the second round of the playoffs.

The Bucks dug this hole the moment they diverted their attention away from basketball to fight for the life of a criminal suspect who doesn’t care all that much about his own life. 

The Bucks are suffering from Post Traumatic Black Lives Matter Disorder. It’s the mental lapse that happens when a professional athlete realizes he’s allowed Twitter race-hustlers to dupe him into caring more about the life of a criminal suspect than the criminal suspect cares about his own life.

Twenty seconds of an edited cell phone video provoked the Bucks to shut down the NBA Bubble and other parts of the sports world. The shutdown accomplished nothing. Skipping work rarely does. 

It was a well-intentioned publicity stunt orchestrated by people who believe in the power of publicity to end racism, cure cancer, spark world peace and stop police from shooting resisting criminal suspects.

The Bucks are mentally lethargic because they’ve spent the past four or five days coming to grips with the immaturity, recklessness and futility of their response to events in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Giannis, George Hill, Kyle Korver and the rest of the Bucks are the official public relations team for Jacob Blake, a man accused of serial sexual assault against a black woman. The Bucks knew nothing about Blake when they decided to go on strike moments before taking the court against the Orlando Magic. All the Bucks knew at the time is what the Twitter race-hustlers told them. 

A white cop shot Jacob Blake while Blake was innocently trying to break up a fight. That was the original fairytale floating across the Twittersphere. 

Now we know the rest of the story. Blake allegedly had a history of sexually abusing the black woman who called the police. He allegedly stole from her. He wrestled with the police. He admitted having a knife. With his kids in the car, he ignored the commands of police at gunpoint. 

Blake behaved in an incredibly irresponsible manner. He behaved like a man who didn’t care whether he lived or died. Think about it. You’re somewhere the courts have ruled you should not be — at the residence of the alleged victim of your sexual assault. Your kids are in the car. You fight with the police. The police draw their guns and you attempt to get inside the car where your three children are. 

You’re endangering your own life and the life of your three completely innocent children.

The social media mob and Black Lives Matter dictate that we only evaluate the behavior of white police officer’s in these situations. It’s illegal, immoral and racist to second-guess Jacob Blake’s behavior. 

BLM seemingly believes Blake has no responsibility to protect the safety of his three kids, to protect his ability to provide for them. According to Bigots Love Marxism, it is the sole responsibility of the government and white police officers to make sure nothing bad happens to Blake, a suspect they’re trying to arrest for visiting a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted.

Bigots Love Marxism thinks black men are incapable of consistently making decisions to protect themselves and the welfare of their children. Blake responded to police like a man with a death wish and no regard for his children. 

Did he deserve seven shots in the back? No. 

Am I going to skip work and mourn Blake’s tragedy as if the government sanctioned the KKK to physically harm Martin Luther King, Michael Jordan, Patrick Mahomes or a sophomore at Morehouse College? Absolutely not. 

The Bucks made fools of themselves. They chose the wrong hill to plant a flag. It’s easy to lie to yourself via social media. The algorithms, Russian bots and blue-check, bubble-approved sports journalists protect the influencers promoting BLM Derangement. It’s unlikely anyone will ask the Bucks if their Blake stunt shook their focus.

And if the question is asked, they’ll be allowed to pretend it was all worth it.

“The Bucks started a conversation. They raised awareness. They showed empathy.”  

Inside the social media matrix, it’s better to slap a slogan on the back of your jersey, kneel during the national anthem or perform some other  symbolic gesture on behalf of a criminal suspect than it is to take action in support of a high school or college kid attempting to make a positive impact on society.

The Bucks are “ride or die” for Jacob Blake.

If they die in the second round of these playoffs and Giannis leaves for Golden State, Milwaukee made the ultimate sacrifice for someone unwilling to sacrifice his pride to protect his three sons.

Trust me, not everyone on the Bucks’ roster is foolish enough to believe justice for Jacob Blake is worth a 0-2 playoff deficit. 

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Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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    • Feddy, I agree……We all know Lebron’s not really gonna read Malcom X’s biography. But I at least hope someone will clue Lebron into what Malcom X said about white liberals………As has been mentioned here on OutKick comment sections(and in articles by Steven Pinker and John McWhorter), in any given police encounter, minorities are not more likely to be killed. Minorities are only more likely to live in cities destroyed by liberals, and it is because minorities are more likely to live in cities destroyed by liberals, that minorities have disproportionate encounters with police.

      But the truth doesn’t matter to Liberals. They will edit videos, manipulate data, and flat out lie. They will do and say anything to get elected, including starting race wars. (I do of course know that racism exists, I am only saying we will never get anywhere if the leftists continue with their manipulations)

  1. Got to admit, I laughed out loud when I read the headline. And the column speaks gospel truth.
    When Milwaukee is eliminated, the social justice sportswriters will be all about the Bucks’ courageous stand, their sacrifice of what they actually get paid to do and their freedom to go back to Wisconsin or wherever these players spend their offseasons (probably NOT Wisconsin) to spread their phony message.

    Then the media will spin everything forward to speculate about Giannis A. leaving for LA, Golden State or Miami. Milwaukee’s flaws and failings as a team — and yes, Giannis’ too — will barely be talked about.

    The Bucks spent an astonishing amount of their own, their franchise’s and the NBA’s capital and credibility on an unworthy jerk who brought on his own trouble. Will any media person in the bubble ask them about that? Will anyone ask LeBron if we all could agree on objecting only to situations in which an unarmed black civilian DOES NOT resist or ignore law enforcement. Probably would reduce the need for protests and worse by 80-90%.

    Now it is the NFL players’ turn to push the lies on their helmets and embarrass themselves by martyring someone who broke laws and challenged officers. It isn’t just that these lugs don’t think, it’s that they’re so dishonest too.

  2. If the NBA (especially LeBron) and the NFL would spend serious time and effort on delivering a message of “don’t commit crimes, and don’t resist the police”, imagine how many lives could actually be saved. Instead, all their energy is spent promoting BLM. Since George Floyd”s death the number of businesses demolished, livelihoods destroyed, serious injuries, and further lives lost is inconceivable.

    • Well the magic were on rhe court ready to play when the Bucks decided not to play- anr somehow they didn’t get hit with a forfeiture, hich is a true outrage imo…the magic should have been given a win. Everybody else felt the need to follow, I guess, after the bucks. Couldn’t wait to be hoisted by their own petards.

    • Interesting point, Harish. All the teams were in the Orlando bubble; not like the Bucks flew back to Milwaukee and then bussed 40 miles to Kenosha to lead the peaceful marches.
      Prolly the Heat just want it more…they swept Indiana…eye of the tiger.

    • Completely understandable. I’ve sworn off a couple of my life-long favorites too. These leagues, teams and players seem to have no idea what they’re doing to their fan bases. They’ll blame it on the virus shutdown, the shift in calendar, competing for attention in the summer. All while insulting their customers by pointing blame and hurling insults at the folks who pay the bills.

    • Jason, I just finished watching today’s Fearless show. Along with your recent columns your work is hitting the very core of hard truth. You mentioned that Outkick is now being considered an opponent of the main stream media. There couldn’t be a better compliment.

  3. Keep telling them the truth Jason some of it might actually sink in. Hope springs eternal here in Oklahoma. I choked my way thru watching the Thunder series, and usually would watch all the NBA playoff games, but with all the BLM crap they shove in my face, even in commercials and analysts comments my team is done and I am done with the NBA. They can Get Woke and Go Broke without me.

  4. The NFL will learn a similar lesson. Drew Brees, whom I must assume has a hard time looking at himself in the mirror now, was wearing Blake’s name on his helmet before the glue was even dry. At least Malcolm Jenkins wasn’t crying.

  5. How do these children he had authority over ever become productive, healthy and prosperous? That is social injustice. I am nauseous thinking about the hurdles that have been laid in the laps of our most vulnerable. These children need some help.

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